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Volume 45, Number 20, May 18, 2018

Cover of EIR Volume 45, Number 20, May 18, 2018


If Roosevelt Had Lived  

I. The New Rules for the World

Webcast: As Tensions Mount, Keep an Eye on the Big Picture  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

China’s Lunar Program Is Breaking New Ground  

by Marsha Freeman

Mahathir Is Back! Return of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Reflects World Paradigm Change  

by Michael O. Billington

New Book from Iowa: Accelerating ‘Win-Win’ Good Will Between China and the United States  

by Robert L. Baker

II. Burying the Old, Evil Songs

A Concert Dedicated to the Spirit of RFK, Beethoven, and the New Paradigm  

Renaissance In Dorchester: Let Us Bury the ‘Old, Evil Songs’ of a Dying Culture  

by Jennifer Pearl and John Sigerson

III. Africa Speaks Out Against British Imperialism

It’s Not That Easy To Get Rid of Us: The British Empire Cannot Withstand the Truth  

by Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane

Zuma Exposes the History of British Imperial Evil in South Africa  

IV. The Four Power Agreement

LaRouche Webcast: The Four Power Agreement in Its World Context  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Nov. 18, 2008.

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