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July 18 ,2007 (EIRNS)—This release , annoucing an International Webcast by Lyndon LaRouche on July 25, was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).


As the news came, that the cruise ship was sinking, the Captain of the vessel jumped into bed with a passenger with whom he had been flirting.

In replies to his First Officer's pleas to act to save the passengers, the Captain, snarling mercilessly from the bed which he had just occupied: "Not now! Can't you see I'm busy?!"

That is the way most of the leading Presidential pre-candidates and others are deserting the defense of our nation in the face of the enemy! They are like the Captain of our story, fleeing from a reality that they lack the guts to face, by occupying their minds with something else.

"Get out of that bed, Captain! Get out now!" the First Officer ordered the cowardly captain.

So, Franklin Roosevelt Democrat Lyndon LaRouche is ordering the so-called leading political figures of our nation, now.

All that keeps the U.S. war in Iraq ongoing is the lack of the political courage needed among political leaders to stop the process of sending our troops to more needless, and utterly useless dying. All that stands in the way of the now onrushing explosion of the greatest Wall Street bubble in history, is the lack of the guts of political leaders who refuse to face the fact that the entire present world financial system is at the verge of blowing out, unless the U.S. returns to the kind of leadership that Franklin Roosevelt used to save the U.S. from the catastrophe brought on by the Coolidge and Hoover administrations.

The time to act on the real issue is now!

Dump Cheney right now! Organize a recovery from the world depression right now!

View LaRouche live on an International Webcast, "The End of the Post-FDR Era," July 25, 2007, 1 P.M. EDT, at www.larouchepac.com