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China Tells U.S. Not To Blame Other Countries for Its Economic Woes

Dec.12, 2007 (EIRNS)—On the first day today of the two-day Economic Strategic Dialogue between China and the United States, held at Xianghe, located on the outskirts of Beijing, China's Vice Premier Wu Yi delivered the Americans a blunt message telling Washington to "fix its own structural problems" and not to blame another country for its economic woes.

In addition, Wu Yi pointed out to the US that any attempts to legislate 50-plus "protectionist" China-related bills by the American Congress would "severely" undermine their bilateral business ties. "I must candidly tell Paulson (US Treasury Secretary) that these bills, if adopted, will severely undermine US business ties with China," China's Vice-premier Wu Yi said in her remarks.

Wu Yi's blunt message confirms Lyndon LaRouches warning of Nov.14, that if the U.S. Congress continued showing "imperial contempt" towards China, it would precipitate an already brewing onset of a general breakdown crisis.

Wu Yi, known as "iron lady" with tough trade negotiating skills, also spoke against "finger-pointing" and confrontation, saying "history has repeatedly shown that it was dialogue and consultation that had enabled the China-US business relations to grow".