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Text of the Letter From 14 Italian Senators

Aug. 1, 2007 (EIRNS)—The Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC) issued the following release today.

On Aug. 1, Nancy Pelosi, John Conyers, Michael Capuano, Diane Watson, Charles Rangel and Jesse Jackson found 14 faxes on their desks from the Italian Senate asking them to sign onto Kucinich's House Res. 333 to initiate an impeachment procedure against Dick Cheney.

The faxes (in Italian) were accompanied by a cover letter in English written by Liliana Gorini, Chairwoman of the Italian Movimento Solidarietà, and signed by senator Lidia Menapace who organized 13 more signatures from her colleagues in the Senate.

"We are very worried that Cheney's war on Iran will immediately involve Italy too, because of the air base in Aviano," the Senator told Mrs. Gorini, who gave this message by phone, on behalf of the Senator, to all of the congressional offices listed above, starting with that of Nancy Pelosi.

Two aides responded quite well to the long-distance call from Milan, which initially caught them by surprise. Diane Watson's aide said, "Of course, we know people are also worried in Europe, thank you very much." Asked about how many signatures were still missing in order to initiate the impeachment procedure, Rep. Conyers' aide said, "I am not sure we will make it before recess, I think two are still missing," but was very happy to hear that Italian Senators were supporting this initiative and assured she would immediately inform Conyers about it. Speaker Pelosi's office assured that they would give her all of the faxes, and said it did not matter if it was 14 pages long. The response from Jesse Jackson's office was "thanks a lot."

The fax signed by the 14 Senators reads as follows:

Dear Representative,

I take the extraordinary step of contacting you as a constituency leader from Italy, to appeal to you to immediately co-sponsor the House Resolution 333 by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, to impeach U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney. The bill calls for a proceeding on the charges of high crimes and misdemeanors, for which there is an abundance of evidence.

The fact is, only by forcing Cheney out, can the world be sure there will not be a "Guns of August" attack on Iran. We are aware that there are now four U.S. aircraft carrier groups in the vicinity of Iran, as well as a buildup of U.S. fighter planes in Iraq, and a forward movement of bomber planes from Diego Garcia. We find the evaluation in the press that Cheney has the upper hand with Bush, and is determined to launch a war with Iran before he leaves office, highly credible.

We in Europe have direct experience of the incalculable damage caused by two World Wars started in August, while governments were on holiday. We urge you to immediately sign on to the legislation to impeach Dick Cheney to prevent a disaster for mankind.

With my signature I ask members of Congress to sign onto Kucinich's House Resolution 333 for Cheney's impeachment:

  1. Sen. Lidia Menapace, Defense Committee, chairwoman of the Investigating Committee on Depleted Uranium, PRC-SE (European Left) party
  2. Sen. Annamaria Palermo, Infrastructure Committee, PRC-Se
  3. Sen. Rina Gagliardi, Education Committee, PRC-SE
  4. Sen. Claudio Grassi, Constitutional Affairs Committee
  5. Sen. Giovanna Capelli, Education Committee
  6. Sen. Olimpia Vano
  7. Sen. Maria Celeste Nardini, Agriculture Committee
  8. Sen. José Luiz Del Raio, Foreign Affairs Committee, Assembly of the Council of Europe
  9. Sen. Salvatore Allocca, PRC-SE group
  10. Sen. Erminia Emprin Gilardini, Health Committee
  11. Sen. Salvatore Bonadonna
  12. Sen. Fosco Giannini, Defense Committee
  13. Sen. Giovanni Confalonieri, PRC-SE
  14. Sen. Giuseppe Di Lello