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Congressman McDermott Says:
Impeach Cheney Now

June 29, 2007 (EIRNS)—Three days after Lyndon LaRouche warned Speaker Nancy Pelosi to put impeachment back on the table, ten-term Congressman James McDermott (D-Wash.) called for Vice President Dick Cheney to "resign or face impeachment." Speaking on the House floor June 28 he began, "Madam Speaker, it is time for a new exit strategy, one that removes the Vice President of the United States from office, voluntarily, if he chooses, but by impeachment if he stonewalls."

McDermott proceeded to detail Cheney's arrogance which asserts he is "above the law" and the fact that he has repeatedly driven our nation into "dire situations in Iraq, Iran" and within the country "as he tramples on the Constitution like it was a doormat." It is only by "fear" that this administration has ruled, he asserted. "Why debate, when you can dictate? Why follow the law, when you can act like you are above the law?" The Congressman then states that his constituents know he's "struggled mightily" for months on this matter and has now concluded, "America would best be served by bringing forth articles of impeachment against the Vice President." He provides the context in which our Founders established the vehicle of impeachment should it be necessary. Cheney, he says, "holds himself accountable to no one," ordering destruction of records, imposing his own agenda to "spy on Americans" and create a "gulag at Guantanamo." To augment his argument McDermott submitted into the Record the June 27 op-ed by law professor Bruce Fein, "Impeach Cheney."

The Washinton state Democrat concluded "I believe the evidence is overwhelming and the articles of impeachment against the Vice President should be drawn up... Tonight it is time to say the impeachment option is on the table."