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Russian Orthodox Church-Linked Satellite TV Airs LaRouche Interview

May 21 (EIRNS)—A second video interview of Lyndon LaRouche, made during his visit to Moscow last week, has appeared in the Russian media.

Economist Mikhail Khazin presented a one-hour conversation with LaRouche on his weekly A+ In Economics program, broadcast at 9:00 p.m. Moscow Time, Friday, May 18, on the Spas Channel. The satellite TV channel will rebroadcast the interview several times this week, including today at 5:00 p.m. Moscow time. The Spas Channel is a project of the Russian Orthodox Church. It is available to subscribers to various Russian satellite TV packages (NTV-Plus is one of them), as well as subscribers to Russian web-based Stream-TV; the Spas Channel does not currently provide a live stream or a video archive on its web site, www.spastv.ru.

Khazin's interview of LaRouche was taped on May 16. In it, LaRouche presented the core message that he conveyed to various Russian audiences during his May 14-17 visit to their country. In the face of financial crisis and the increasing ungovernability of European nations west of the Belarusian and Russian borders, LaRouche urged that the United States approach Russia, China, and India, with an initiative to create a new world monetary system, oriented toward real economic development.

LaRouche was in Moscow as a guest of the Academy of Sciences, on the occasion of its celebration of the 80th birthday of Prof. Stanislav Menshikov.

LaRouche's May 15 interview with the web portal KM.ru, excerpts from which were posted on May 17 and 18, continues to reverberate. Sections of the transcript have been reposted by several news agencies and are under discussion on dozens of blogs.

Today KM.ru posted a new story, on former President Jimmy Carter's calling the Bush Administration the worst in American history, for the impact of its policies on U.S. foreign relations and the USA's image abroad. "American politicians of the highest rank," writes KM.ru, "are not holding back in what they have to say about the policy of George Bush and his team." Describing the "snowballing criticism" of the Bush Administration, and the President's plummeting popularity, KM.ru quotes Carter, John Dean of Watergate fame, and LaRouche: "Let us not forget what the American economist Lyndon LaRouche said," in his interview with KM.ru, about the mentally deficient Bush, Jr. having "brought the world to the brink of a Third World War."