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Murtha Raises Possibility of
Impeaching Bush and Cheney

April 29, 2007 (EIRNS)—To the manifest shock of CBS-TV interviewer Bob Schieffer, Rep. John Murtha (D-Penn.), the ranking Member on the House Appropriations Committee, raised the possibility of impeaching Bush and Cheney on the "Face the Nation" show today.

At the end of a 10-minute discussion, Murtha said, "There are four ways to influence the President: public opinion, elections, impeachment, and the purse." Schieffer interjected, in slight paraphrase, `Wait a minute! Wait did you say? Impeachment? Are you serious?' Murtha replied, "I said, there are four ways..." and he repeated his formulation again, only expanding the final phrase to "power of the purse." The unquestionable implication was that the first two "ways" have already been used, and the fourth way is being attempted now:

Murtha had just been speaking of the White House's refusal to compromise in any way on the war disaster, and that "the public has spoken." And then again, "The public backs this [Congressional] strategy." Then he proceeded to the "four ways" remark.

Otherwise, Murtha said, "The Administration is trying to intimidate the military, and its other critics." He also said, "I've visited three bases [he named them] this month. The troops are burned out! It's now a 15-month rotation, and I hear rumors that it is going to 18-month rotations." He said of the Administration, "They're going to redeploy [from Iraq]. If they don't make plans for the redeployment, they'll have a mess." And he said, in only acknowledging the possibility of a Presidential veto on Tuesday, "We'll pass another bill. It will have stringent requirements. I'd like to see a two-month bill [in the meantime]."