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Cheminade, French LaRouche Movement Intervene in Presidential, Legislative Races

April 16, 2007 (EIRNS)--Slightly more than a week before the first round of the French Presidential elections, on April 22, former Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade, issued a statement qualifying his vote for Ségolène Royal before the first round, due to the extreme danger the others represent to the nation. Organizers for the LaRouche Youth Movement in France are all deploying this week to five provinces and some districts in Paris and the Ile de France, to launch their campaigns for the National Assembly in the areas where they found support from some of the mayors who signed for Cheminade's Presidential candidacy. The National Assembly elections take place on June 10 and 17. As the organizers were going, Cheminade's statement hit the national press and political contacts.

Ségolène Royal:
Our Vote For Reason

by Jacques Cheminade

Let's be honest.

Our first impulse in the first round of the Presidential elections in France would lead us either to not vote or to cast a blank ballot. Indeed, before an endeavor reduced to the level of a mere contest among proposals lacking coherence, occurring as if France were outside the world while we are entering a tragic period of universal history, one feels in one's depths that to take part in this derisory farce would only be degrading.

However, courage and reason, in politics as in a every social relation among fellow human beings, demand that, in overcoming the temptation of dogmatic purity, one rise above that first impulse. In order to do that we must envisage the worse. Three disastrous things—all different versions of Blairism in a French sauce—emerge before our eyes. The first would be that Nicolas Sarkozy is elected. The second, that one had the choice in the second round between the financial Bonapartism of Nicolas Sarkozy and monetary ecologism of Francois Bayrou. The third, less likely but possible, were the emergence of a backwards red-green-center coalition.

Under those conditions, it seems that what we must reject is a triple offensive against the political, social, and economic exception that France can still offer to the world, provided that some live up to the challenges of the moment.

The only solution is to work to inspire them to rise to the occasion, although not necessarily hoping for anything from the forces present.

Whether one likes it or not, that potential for change exists in the youth on the one hand, and in a large section of the electorate of Ségolène Royal.

Our priority will be thus to grab the youth away from a society which steals and cheats them, not only taking away all their resources for the future, but above all in promoting, via an unprecedented and unlimited ideological manipulation, the destruction of the "sensuous" and dismantling of life. Our youth movement is, in view of this mission, engaged in an adventure aimed at reestablishing the "sensuous" in the sources of knowledge in order to return sense to the political common good.

Our priority is therefore to make this essential adventure possible, through to completion, that is, that it not be destroyed by those whom it fights. We aim at nothing less than the creation of a future generation of leaders/inspirators to take in their hands the course of a history that the baby boomers and the 68ers abandoned to the stock markets and to the bestiality of social relations.

It is here that the importance of the Ségolène Royal's electorate lies—and also the best of her which is her "nasty" character—as a possible shield, while the others would be a weapon directed against us.

It is therefore necessary that she be present in the second round, and eventually elected against Nicolas Sarkozy or François Bayrou. Not for the content of her program, practically as disastrous as the others, but for the potential which her electorate represents if it is challenged by an inspiring youth movement.

Without illusions of any sort, especially not with respect to the stables of Socialist elephants, I will personally vote for Ségolène Royal in the first and second round of the Presidential elections, while understanding that those, less attached than I to the spirit of youth, will either not go to vote on Sunday, or will cast blank ballots.

The French political class must be renovated top down. The world must return to our political stage, because France would exist no longer longer if it lost its universal orientation. This leads it to be a catalyst, an instrument in the symphony of a new international economic order in which the U.S., delivered from Bush's dictatorship, from Cheney and from the financial fascism which promote them, China, India and Russia will constitute, in rediscovering their true independence, without whose pillars the edifice of the future cannot be constructed.

To those who will protest about the candidate and her "program," I respond: Imagine for one second the danger the rest represent. And especially, do not despair of our forces, even if our means seem laughable. The project of my Presidential campaign is, with the recent writings of Lyndon LaRouche, a reference point for the future, so that we can participate again in world history there where it occurs and that we clean out our Augean stables.

The struggle we are pursuing in the world, with our youth movement, is the reason for our choice. With Ségolène Royal and within her electorate, we have a tough fight to lead, terrible prejudices to fight, principles to reestablish, a policy to found anew, so that our youth movement can continue to act. Otherwise our destiny would be sealed.