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LaRouche Youth Movement's Anti-Gore Resolution Debated on California Radio

April 3, 2007 (EIRNS)—KABC 790 radio host Rob Nelson led a two-hour discussion today about a resolution proposed by the Los Angeles Democratic Party's (LACDP) Franklin Roosevelt Legacy Club (FRLDC). The resolution was introduced by the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) on March 26, and denounces global warming and former Vice President Al Gore's fraud to destroy the U.S. agro-industrial economy.

The radio show took place immediately following an LACDP Resolutions Committee meeting, where there was a lively debate over what the two main issues will be for the Democratic Party in the upcoming Presidential election. They decided on the Iraq War and global warming. The chair of the Women's Caucus, one of the largest in the party, submitted the LaRouche resolution, and insisted on a floor debate before the party makes any public statements on the issue.

Prior to the resolutions committee meeting, the chair of the FRLDC, Quincy O'Neal of the LaRouche Youth Movement, sent the Gore Dossier and EIR's global warming package to Theodore Smith III, the chair of the African-American caucus, and member of the resolutions committee of the California legislature. Smith responded that he would get the information to the resolutions committee and discuss it during his radio interview with Rob Nelson.

From 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 p.m., Nelson discussed the resolution on the air, in the context of whether such issues as global warming could be debated among Democrats, or whether they are in lockstep with each other, like the Republicans. Throughout the show, Nelson and Smith also brought up how the United States should return to the policies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and stop the destruction of the manufacturing sector by developing a nuclear fission- and fusion- based economy. Nelson reread the text of the resolution verbatim several times, as "a LaRouche resolution from the LaRouche people."

O'Neal called into the program to shift the dialogue to address the true implications of the Gore fraud. In a focussed four-minute briefing, he laid out Gore's dirty relationship with the British-based financial oligarchy, asking if the host remembered a Brit named Thomas Malthus. He then hit a raw nerve, exposing Gore's racist history, from his Tennessee sting operations against local black leaders, to his role in promoting the AIDS epidemic in Africa (see article). He charged the prostitutes in the Democratic Party, particularly in California, with accepting funding and policy advice from known fascists, Felix Rohatyn and George Shultz.

Nelson asked if Lyndon LaRouche and his movement were on the "fringes" of politics; O'Neal replied that the Nov. 7, 2006 victory for the Democrats was led by the LYM, organizing and recruiting youth. O'Neal reiterated the statement LaRouche made on March 31 to an audience of 125 people at the FRLDC town hall meeting, that the next President will likely be a two-term President and after that, the Baby Boomers will be out of political leadership, and that it will be the 18-35 year olds of today who will assert themselves. O'Neal concluded that the LYM is taking the global warming issue to the California State Democratic Convention this April to make it clear that if the Democrats choose to support Gore, genocide, and racism, they can kiss the party goodnight.

Callers throughout the show ranged from scientists who wanted to discuss the fraudulence of man-made CO2, to crazy Boomers who wanted to end debate. After O'Neal's briefing, one caller brought up the issue of eugenics.

The Los Angeles LYM announced that it will be following up on the LACDP debates on global warming, scheduled before the state convention.