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LaRouche on the Subject of
Chilean President Bachelet

March 26, 2007 (EIRNS)—EIR released this statement by Dennis Small, EIR Ibero-America Editor and director of Resumen Ejecutivo de EIR.

An article released last week in Mexico by Juan José Mena Carrizales, purporting to represent the LaRouche Youth Movement, which lyingly characterized Chilean President Michele Bachelet as "Mrs. President Pinochet," requires immediate clarification of the views on the matter by U.S. statesman and EIR Editor-in-Chief Lyndon LaRouche. The unstable Mr. Mena does not represent the LaRouche Youth Movement, nor the views of any organization or publication associated with Mr. LaRouche.

President Bachelet's election to the Presidency of Chile in 2006 represented a fundamental change in the Chilean political landscape, in which the fascist, synarchist forces associated with Gen. Augusto Pinochet were swept from their dominant position in Chilean political life, for the first time in three decades.

Although President Bachelet's economic policies fall short of what is required internationally and in Chile at this time, with her defense of features of globalization and free trade, her association with what Mr. LaRouche has referred to as the informal Presidents' Club in South America—and in particular with that Club's movement towards continental integration and great infrastructure projects free of the policies of the International Monetary Fund, especially as promoted by Argentine President Néstor Kirchner—has made President Bachelet part of an important, and positive, dynamic across South America. That dynamic can be brought to fruition in association with the movement inside the United States, headed by Mr. LaRouche, to return the United States to the successful economic policies associated with Franklin Delano Roosevelt.