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Hirsch Proposes Impeachment Trap To Stop Bush Nuclear Attack on Iran

Jan. 20, 2007 (EIRNS)—University of California-San Diego Professor Jorge Hirsch argues, in a column posted on antiwar.com, that Congress has the Constitutional authority to stop a Bush-Cheney nuclear attack on Iran by making it illegal for the U.S. to use nuclear weapons on a non-nuclear weapon state without Congressional authorization.

Hirsch says that other means that have been suggested aren't viable because, under the War Powers Resolution and the 1948 NSC-30, the President has the legal authority to wage war for 60 days and to decide whether or not to employ nuclear weapons in the event of war. But if Congress acts as he suggests, "Bush will not dare putting 150,000 American lives in Iraq at risk of Iranian retaliation without having the nuclear option on the table."

Hirsch argues that Bush "would not be able to ignore such a law without committing an impeachable offense." If Congress does not act, Hirsch warns, then each member "will share responisbility for the nefarious chain of events that is likely to follow..."