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Volume 32, Number 49, December 23, 2005

Cover of EIR Volume 32, Number 49, December 23, 2005

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The Principle of ‘Power’  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“The special circumstances presented to us by the presently onrushing, global breakdown-crisis of this world monetary-financial system, require that we quickly replace what are now clearly the hopelessly failed practices which had been lately taught as “economics” in our universities, governments, and comparable places.” A Socratic dialogue between LaRouche and the LaRouche Youth Movement.

A Socratic Dialogue

Box 1. Three Species of Number  

by Jason Ross

Box 2. Constructing Volumes  

Box 3. The Torus and the Sphere  

by Peter Martinson

Box 4. Cardan and Complex Roots  

by Cody Jones and Chase Jordan

Box 5. Fermat’s Principle  

by Jason Ross

Box 6. Kästner’s Argument for Anti-Euclidean Geometry  

by Sky Shields and Aaron Halevy

Box 7. Gauss, Bolyai, and Anti-Euclidean Geometry  

by Sky Shields and Daniel Grasenack-Tente

Box 8. Hypergeometry  

by Bruce Director

Box 9. What Galileo Avoided  

by Chris Landry

Box 10. Kepler’s Approach  

by Jason Ross

Box 11. Leibniz vs. Descartes  

by MyHoa Steger, Michael Steger, and Merv Fansler

Box 12. Zorzi’s Venetian Attack on Renaissance Science  

by Alex Getachew

Box 13. How Cubic Roots Are Defined Algebraically  

by Jason Ross

Box 14. Gauss’s Geometrical Approach to Algebra  

by Jason Ross

Box 15. Doubling the Square, the Cube, and Cubic Roots  

by Riana St. Classis and Peter Martinson

Box 16. Eratosthenes’ Sieve  

by Bruce Director

Box 17. Euler Misses the Point  

by Liona Fan-Chiang

Box 18. Einstein-Born Dispute  

by Bruce Director

Box 19. The Catenary  

by Michael Kirsch and Aaron Yule

Strategic News

Cheney Is the Albatross Around George Bush’s Neck  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Some leading Republicans are trying to convince the President that Vice President Cheney has become such a liability, that he has to be dumped. So long as Cheney remains in office, no change in policy can be expected.

Breaking Developments  


Revive Civilization  

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