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Volume 28, Number 27, July 20, 2001

Cover of EIR Volume 28, Number 27, July 20, 2001

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Sharon War Plan Exposed; Hamas Gang Is His Tool  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Israeli Prime Minister Sharon plans to use the Hamas countergang to trigger a war that would demolish the Palestinian Authority and destabilize Jordan, ultimately overthrowing King Abdullah II and establishing Jordan as a “Palestinian homeland” under Hamas control. He counts on the Bush Administration, seeking a U.S. military buildup, to go along with his manipulations. An EIR exclusive.


LaRouche Addresses Russian Duma on Economic Crisis  

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

On June 29, Lyndon LaRouche joined a panel of international economists and political figures, to address an official hearing in the Russian Parliament “On Measures To Ensure the Development of the Russian Economy Under Conditions of a Destabilization of the World Financial System.”

Russia Is Facing Financial Shocks  

by Sergei Yu. Glazyev

Policy Changes Needed To Overcome the Collapse  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Financial Crisis Grips the United States  

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

Russia Must Initiate Solutions to the Crisis  

by Dmitri Lvov

Malaysia’s Battle With the IMF System  

by Datuk Yahya Baba

Challenges Confronting Russia’s Banking System  

by Sergei Yegorov

Cooperative Solutions to the Global Crisis  

by Senator Ivo Tarolli

World System More Overheated Than in 1929  

by Andrei Kobyakov

Russia Must, and Can, Act To Protect Itself  

by Dmitri Mityayev

The Eurasian Land-Bridge As a War-Avoidance Strategy  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Financial Crisis Will Sweep Away Governments  

by Tatyana Koryagina

Concluding Remarks  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche Forecasts Are Big News in Russia  

by Rachel Douglas


LaRouche Tours Italy’s North After Russian Duma Session  

by Claudio Celani

In speeches and interviews in Milan and Vicenza, LaRouche explained the role of Italy’s industrial powerhouse in rescuing the world from a systemic crisis, and building the Eurasian Land-Bridge.

LaRouche Explains Systemic Crisis to Milan Bankers at Catholic University  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

EIR Energy Crisis Update: Blackouts, Price Chaos In Southwest States  

Europe Faces Chaotic Euro Transition  

by William Engdahl

Germans Rediscover the Maglev Train  

by Rainer Apel

IMF and Energy Pirates Made Brazil’s Electricity Crisis, ‘California Style’  

by Nilder Costa

The history of the systematic takedown of the Brazilian national electricity industry.


U.S. Khobar Towers Case Has a Warlike Look  

Bush Provocations Meet Rising Anger in Asia  

by Kathy Wolfe

NATO and the Hague Blowing Up the Balkans  

by Umberto Pascali

Chavismo’s Last Stage: Fascism in Venezuela  

by David Ramonet

Britain Moves Toward Crisis-Emergency Rule  

by Mark Burdman

British Legalizers Aid Narco-Coup in Colombia  

by Valerie Rush


The Battle Over D.C. General Hospital Is Not Finished  

by Edward Spannaus

As emergency rooms in the nation’s capital back up in the wake of D.C. General’s shutdown, and people are dying in the streets for lack of bed-space, 150 hospital employees and community activists, stabbed in the back by the Al Gore “New Democrats,” pledged, “We’re here to save the spirit of D.C. General.”

LaRouche: The Issue Is the General Welfare  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A statement to a meeting of the Coalition to Save D.C. General Hospital.

Congressional Closeup  

by Carl Osgood

Bush Objects as Senate Finally Takes on HMOs  

by Linda Everett

LaRouche To Address: How To Survive the Onrushing Global Financial Crash  

The 2004 Presidential pre-candidate will give an international webcast address on July 24.



The Argentina Blowout: “Planet Risk.”

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