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Volume 23, Number 36, September 6, 1996

Cover of EIR Volume 23, Number 36, September 6, 1996

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Solomon Terblanche  

by L. Chamberlain

Described as one of South Africa’s dirigist Afrikaner economists “of a bygone era,” this Stellenbosch University economics professor affirms that free-market policies will consign his country to continued poverty.

Book Reviews

Free Trade Is an Aberration, Not the Norm, in Economic History  

by Leonardo Servadio

Economics and World History: Myths and Paradoxes by Paul Bairoch.

LaRouche on Protectionism  

Strategic Studies

IRI’s Friends in Russia: The Anti-Utopia in Power  

by Roman Bessonov

Part 1 of a series on the International Republican Institute, by St. Petersburg correspondent Roman Bessonov, who demolishes the vicious argument that the only true “democrats” in Russia are the proponents of free market reforms.

Mont Pelerin Pushes the Criminal Economy  

by Rachel Douglas, Richard Freeman, and Michael J. Sharp

Thievery Is ‘Just a Phase,’ Russians Are Told  


Entente Bestiale  

by Omar Abdul-Aziz

“Islamic” Terrorists Gather in London, Salute the Union Jack.

Report from Paris  

by Christine Bierre

Fraternité, Egalité, “Get Out of Here!”

Dateline Mexico  

by Jacobo Frontini

Huge Narco-Police Network Purged.


A Proud Moment for Mankind.


U.S. Fourth Circuit Says: British Law Is Supreme  

by John Hoefle

After U.S. District Judge Robert Payne issued a temporary injunction against Lloyd’s of London, the Court of Appeals overturned his decision. Lloyd’s American “Names,” who are left holding the bag for billions of dollars of the British company’s losses, are hopping mad.

Italian Government Puts Maastricht Treaty up for Reconsideration  

by Claudio Celani

Currency Rates  

Tax the Speculators: The Transaction Tax as a Weapon of the Nation-State  

by Richard Freeman

Far from being the suggestion of “kooks,” as the British media would have you believe, taxing the sale or transfer of financial securities has been common throughout European and U.S. history.

Derivatives Losses Threaten Pennsylvania  

by Philip Valenti

Business Briefs  


Is There, Was There, Life on Mars?  

by Marsha Freeman

Upcoming missions to the red planet will add new insights to the evidence presented by a team of scientists recently, that there was early life on Mars. Marsha Freeman reports on the research that led to the recent discovery, and on some of the future plans for the Mars exploration program. These include the Mars Global Surveyor, the Mars Pathfinder, and Pathfinder’s deployment of a tiny rover named Sojourner, the first rover ever deployed on Mars.

Meteorite Trove in Antarctica  

by Marsha Freeman

Pathfinder Could Find Signs of a Warmer Mars  

by Matthew Golombek

Exploration with Humans and Robots  

by Dr. Steven Squyres


Is There Any Future for the Mideast Peace Process?  

Provocative actions by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, a stooge for Ariel Sharon’s interests, are on the very brink of drowning the peace process in blood. If there is to be any hope for peace, there must be a change in policy, and fast.

EIR’s Small Visits Argentina, Roasts IMF  

How Washington Missed the Boat on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty  

by Ramtanu Maitra

Travesty of Justice: French Gov’t Moves against Cheminade  

South Africa Is At a Turning Point, as Economic Policy Fight Rages  

by L. Chamberlain

Can this economic powerhouse become the cornerstone for saving Africa, a continent which is dying?

South Africa Foundation: A Tool of British Policy  

‘New Thatcherite Policy Cannot Relieve Poverty’  

by L. Chamberlain

An interview with Solomon Terblanche.

Sam Shilowa: ‘Neo-Liberal Policies Failed Elsewhere’  

From a July 13 speech by the general secretary of the Congress of South African Trade Unions.

International Intelligence  


Chicago: Battle for the Soul of the Democratic Party  

by William Jones

Behind the festive atmosphere, was deep dissatisfaction over the President’s signing of the welfare “reform” bill, and a desire by many to return the Democratic Party to the tradition of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.

Documentation: Excerpts from the speeches of AFL-CIO President John Sweeney and the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

FDR-PAC Vows To Destroy ‘Contract on Americans’  

‘Dirty Dick’ Morris Is Dumped by Clinton Camp  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Roy Cohn’s mole in the White House bites the dust.

AFL-CIO Reawakening Leads toward Victory  

by Marianna Wertz

LaRouche on TV: ‘Impeach Tom Ridge!’  

Bush’s Contras Launched U.S. Crack Epidemic  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

National News  

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