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Volume 21, Number 43, October 28, 1994

Cover of EIR Volume 21, Number 43, October 28, 1994

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Report from Rio  

by Geraldo Luis Zaraiva Lino

Greenpeace Not Welcome in Brazil.

From New Delhi  

by Ramtanu Maitra and Susan Maitra

Space Program Achieves Key Success.


It’s Not a Game.


Nobel Economics Prize Given to Insanity  

by Richard Freeman

Even judging by its past standard of lunacy, in 1994, the Swedish Academy outdid itself by honoring three systematizers of “game theory,” which is a demonstrable form of psychosis.

Deregulation=Theft: We Told You So  

by Harley Schlanger

Guess why free-trade windbag Senator Phil Gramm personally killed a bill designed to increase the staff which examines the credentials of the “investment advisers” entrusted with your savings.

Will Ukraine Survive the Coming Winter?  

by Konstantin George

A first-hand report on the appalling economic conditions in Ukraine, and the political-social consequences which loom ahead.

Currency Rates  

Business Briefs  

Special Report

The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Introduces the exposure of the world’s biggest “Murder, Inc.”

The Trial Begins: Prince Philip’s Allgemeine SS  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The executive agency directed by Prince Philip, the royal consort of the world’s richest woman, Queen Elizabeth II of England, has created a powerful apparatus, an SS, made up of Royal Chartered trusts and corporations, propaganda fronts, and assassination and terror agencies.

Who’s Who in Prince Philip’s Allgemeine SS  

Prince Philip’s Corporate SS  

by Anthony K. Wikrent and Allen Douglas

The ‘1001 Club’: A Nature Trust  

by Scott Thompson

The WWF: Race Science and World Government  

by Allen Douglas

Prince Philip’s Friends Ran ‘Get LaRouche’ Plot  

Prince Philip’s Murderous World View, In His Own Words  

‘Nicky’ Arundel and the ‘Get LaRouche’ Task Force  

Capital Offenses: World Wide Fund for Nature Commits Genocide in Africa  

by Linda de Hoyos

The African Parks Were Created as a Cover for Destabilization  

by Joseph Brewda

The Oligarchs’ Real Game Is Killing Animals and Killing People  

by Allen Douglas

The British Royal Family’s Policy At Work: Mass Death in Rwanda  

by Linda de Hoyos

Rwanda-Uganda Genocide: Chronology  

West Africa: War against Nigeria  

South Africa in the British Crosshairs  

Other Overt Criminal Acts: The WWF Is Out To Balkanize and Depopulate the Americas  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Other Exhibits: The Royal Plot To Splinter Australia  

WWF: Send Europe Back to the Dark Age  

WWF Role Model Is Cambodia’s Pol Pot  

WWF’s Eco-Terrorist, Eco-Fascist Legions  

by Rogelio A. Maduro

The Presently Closing Dynastic Cycle  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The concluding section of the “presentation of the case to the jurors.”


Clinton Forms Korean Energy Group in Historic Treaty  

by Kathy Wolfe

The United States is already forming an international consortium, the Korean Energy Development Organization KEDO), to supply two light water reactors costing $4 billion to Pyongyang.

Reality Returns after German Elections  

by Rainer Apel

Kohl faces a strong parliamentary opposition and the reality of the economic depression.

Russia Voyage Is Latest Windsor Fiasco  

by Mark Burdman

British media mocked the royal couple’s visit to Red Square as the “Potemkin Walkabout.”

Northern Ireland Peace One Step Closer  

by Mary Jane Freeman

What Will Haitian ‘Democracy’ Mean?  

by Cynthia R. Rush

The Clinton Administration may think it has Aristide on a tight leash, but there is little doubt as to his policy outlook: the destruction of Haiti’s black people, whose numbers are deemed “excessive” by international bankers and eugenicists.

Israel-Jordan Pact a Major Breakthrough  

by Hussein Al-Nadeem

International Intelligence  


North Campaign: Bush’s Insider Is In Trouble  

by Nancy Spannaus

The millionaire populist is now playing the game of hiding from the press, claiming they are distorting his record.

Oregon’s Hemlock Vote: National Turning-Point  

by Linda Everett

The “Oregon Death With Dignity Act,” statewide ballot Measure 16 on the Nov. 8 ballot, would allow physicians to prescribe lethal drugs or suicide kits to any “capable” adult resident of Oregon who has been diagnosed as “terminally ill” and who requests the drugs to end their life.

National News  

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