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Volume 21, Number 4, January 21, 1994

Cover of EIR Volume 21, Number 4, January 21, 1994

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Karen Vardanian  

by Konstantin George and Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

A member of Presidium of the Union for Constitutional Rights (Armenia) gives a broad strategic analysis of the crisis facing the former Soviet Union, and the danger of World War III arising from it.


Report from Bonn  

by Rainer Apel

Worries about Stability in the East.


Remember Proposition 13.

Strategic Studies

A World At War, from the Balkans to Tajikistan  

by Konstantin George and Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

“In today’s world war, the superpowers and international organizations want to act through puppets, through indirect, so to speak, participation, through the blood of other countries and other nations. This is the main distinguishing feature of World War III, and the main danger,” says Armenian analyst Karen Vardanian.


Homelessness, Hunger Grow for Tenth Consecutive Year  

by Anthony K. Wikrent

The U.S. Conference of Mayors has issued its tenth annual survey of 26 cities, and the findings are grim.

New Malaysian Banking System Gives Usury a Good Name  

by Esmatullah Wahab

The Islamic financial system is basically an endorsement of the western banking system—if not worse.

The International Monetary Fund Puts Algeria Up Against the Wall  

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

The Fund refuses to admit that the country is already in a state of undeclared civil war.

China’s Plunge into ‘Critical Year’ Draws Parallels to Crisis of 1989  

by Mary Burdman

Scientist Warns against Ecologist ‘Totalitarianism’  

by Mark Burdman

Currency Rates  


by Suzanne Rose

Farm Debt Moratorium Required.

Business Briefs  


Shining Path North Narco-Terror Hits North America  

by Cynthia R. Rush

Far from a spontaneous uprising, British intelligence has been cultivating the terrorist capability seen in Chiapas for years. It threatens all of the Americas, including the United States.

LaRouche: ‘This Is a Foreign Invasion’  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Shining Path Apparatus in Mexico  

The Truth Commission Lies, in Drive To Destroy the Armed Forces  

by Hugo López Ochoa

Foreign Bankers Are Running the ‘Indigenous’ People’s Movement  

by Gretchen Small

U.S. Maoists Back Shining Path Terror  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The Plot To Annihilate the Nations of Ibero-America  

by Dennis Small

A speech to the Schiller institute’s conference in Kiedrich, Germany.


Britain, UN Threaten Bosnia with Starvation  

by Katherine Kanter

The Bosnian government’s decision to withdraw its suit against Great Britain for “complicity to commit genocide” was taken under the most brutal pressures imaginable.

Bosnian Muslim Nails Fake British ‘Muslims’  

A source with detailed knowledge of the situation in central Bosnia reveals that Saudi-funded “Islamic” forces committing atrocities are not Bosnian, not under regular army control, and hardly devout.

Pakistan-India Talks Hold a Ray of Hope  

by Ramtanu Maitra

Ghost of Profumo Scandal Haunts John Major Government in Britain  

by Mark Burdman

NATO Guarantees Are Worthless  

by Konstantin George

LaRouche Cases Aired at European Parliament  

by Liliana Celani

Conference in Sudan Debates Future of Arab, Islamic World  

LaRouche Music Book Presented in Europe  

by Liliana Celani

Greenpeace Accused of Bribery, Terrorism  

by Marjorie Mazel Hecht

International Intelligence  


Clinton, Gore Under Attack from IMF Asset-Strippers  

by Edward Spannaus

No matter how hard the spin doctors try to put their gloss on what western policy toward Russia should be, the determining factor will be the economic and political reality in Russia: “Shock therapy” is finished.

State Governments Slash Own Throats  

by H. Graham Lowry

New Holes Emerge in Lockerbie Coverup  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The latest evidence points to Syria and Iran—and the friends of Lt. Col. Oliver North.

New Republic Covers for Soros’s Sleaze  

by Scott Thompson

Two Wall Street insiders report that Soros Fund Management (SFM), headed by George Soros, is a target of a grand jury probe into the 1990-91 effort by Salomon Brothers to corner the U.S. Treasury bond market.

Scare-Mongers on ABC Program Claim DDT Is Causing Breast Cancer  

by J. Gordon Edwards, Ph.D.

A guest commentary by a professor emeritus of entomology at San Jose State University in California.

Schiller Institute To Hold February Conference  

National News  


In our first issue of 1994, an editorial error appeared in Michael Billington’s article, “The ‘New Comprador’ Plan for Greater China” (p. 78). The conference of overseas Chinese leaders took place in Hongkong, not Hamburg.

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