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Volume 20, Number 42, October 29, 1993

Cover of EIR Volume 20, Number 42, October 29, 1993

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Dr. Mohammed Sarsour  

Dr. Sarsour is vice president of Administration and Finance at Bir Zeit University, a Palestinian university on the West Bank. He discusses the prospects for developing industry and infrastructure, under the Israeli-Palestinian peace accord.

Dominic Puthucheary  

A parliamentarian from Malaysia and a constitutional lawyer, Mr. Puthucheary participated in an international parliamentary delegation’s fact-finding visit to Bosnia-Hercegovina.

Konstantin Cheremnykh  

by Gabriele Liebig

A journalist from St. Petersburg reports on the situation there leading up to the December elections.


Andean Report  

by José Restrepo

Money Laundering in Venezuela.

Dateline Mexico  

by Hugo López Ochoa

Secret NAFTA Deal Exposed.

Report from Rio  

by Lorenzo Carrasco

Party Rule on the Rocks.

Australia Dossier  

by Allen Douglas

Lawsuit Filed against CEC.

Report from Bonn  

by Rainer Apel

A German Version of Albert Gore.


Your Child Is Not a Dolphin.


MPs in Sarajevo Told: There Isn’t Much Time Left  

An international delegation of 10 parliamentarians from seven countries visited Bosnia, and is putting a spotlight on the bankruptcy of western policy there.

Documentation: A statement issued by International Parliamentarians Against Genocide in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Owen, UN Bureaucrats Are Not Accountable  

An interview with Dominic Puthucheary.


Health Care Reform: A Cover for Malthusian Rationing  

by Linda Everett

Under the rubric of health reform, the United States is being put through a paradigm shift, to rid patients, doctors, and nurses alike of their view that the role of medicine is to save and enhance lives.

Palestinians Must Concentrate on Getting Our Economy Going  

An interview with Dr. Mohammed Sarsour.

Israel, Palestinians Must Build High-Tech ‘Second Jordan River’  

by Marcia Merry

Louisiana Parish Says No to River Gambling  

China Proposes Development Corridor  

by Mary Burdman

Currency Rates  

Australian Farmers: An Endangered Species  

by Don Veitch and Andrew Bailey


by John Hoefle

Gonzalez Queries Fed’s Watergate Role.


by Marcia Merry

World 1993 Grain Harvests Fall.

Business Briefs  


Mob Ties of Minnesota AG Humphrey Exposed  

by Philip Valenti

Attorney General Hubert “Skip” Humphrey, a leading light of the national “Get LaRouche” task force and president of the National Association of Attorneys General, is suddenly finding his political career in trouble, as Philip Valenti reports.

Skip Humphrey and the Criminal Abuse of Power in Minnesota  

by Philip Valenti

Excerpts from a New Federalist White Paper, “Skip Humphrey and the Criminal Abuse of Power: Case Studies in Corruption, Cover-Up and Official Oppression in Minnesota.”

Graham Tells Humphrey To Withdraw from Cases  

Du Pont Heir Calls for Special Prosecutor  


Russian Imperialism On the March in Wake of Coup  

by Konstantin George

The key events have been overlooked in the West, where the illusion still prevails that Boris Yeltsin is a “democrat.”

Former Argentine President Frondizi Urges Pope To Intercede for LaRouche  

by Dr. Arturo Frondizi

LaRouche Elected to Academy in Russia  

New Papal Encyclical Veritatis Splendor: Truth Illuminates the Understanding  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Free Lebanon To Assure Lasting Mideast Peace  

by General Michel Aoun

An essay by the former Lebanese Prime Minister.

Gore Vidal Unveils Oligarchs’ Genocidal 1990s Blueprint  

by Mark Burdman

Boris Yeltsin’s Visit to Japan Can’t Mask Moscow Coup  

by Kathy Wolfe

South Africa: Two Convicted in Hani Murder; Questions Remain  

by David Hammer

IMF Plans ‘Yugoslav’ Scenario for Canada  

by Gilles Gervais

Peru Deals Blow to Continental Terrorism  

by Andrea Olivieri

French Leftist Swamp Steps Up Phony ‘Right-Wing’ Lies against LaRouche  

International Intelligence  


Clinton’s Haitian Policy Is a Genocidal Disaster  

by Valerie Rush

The American people are being fed a pack of media lies about what is really at stake in Haiti. But when even the CIA describes ousted dictator Jean-Bertrand Aristide as a certifiable psychotic, some are beginning to ask whether U.S. support for him is not, perhaps, misplaced.

Haiti’s Version of Genocidalist Pol Pot  

A profile of Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

U.S. Invaded Haiti in 1915 To ‘Restore Democracy’  

by Carlos Wesley

VIPs Visit Capital, Want LaRouche Free  

National News  

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