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Volume 20, Number 35, September 10, 1993

Cover of EIR Volume 20, Number 35, September 10, 1993

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Roberto Formigoni  

by Liliana Celani

A member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and the European Parliament, Mr. Formigoni is also a leader of the Catholic youth organization Communion and Liberation and its political arm, the Popular Movement. He is currently the undersecretary in Italy’s Environment Ministry.

Abdalla Deng Nhial  

by Dean Andromidas

The Minister for Peace and Reconstruction of Sudan discusses his government’s view of the decision by the Clinton Administration to place Sudan on the list of terrorism-supporting nations.

Nancy Spannaus  

The editor of New Federalist newspaper and a longtime associate of Lyndon LaRouche, Mrs. Spannaus is running as an independent candidate for Governor of Virginia.


Report from Bonn  

by Rainer Apel

Can Labor Stop Deindustrialization?

From New Delhi  

by Ramtanu Maitra

India-China Relations at a New Stage?


Investigate OSI’s Link to the KGB.


Russia’s Peter the Great: ‘Bronze Horseman’ Revisited  

by Denise Henderson

The Reforms of Peter the Great: Progress Through Coercion in Russia, by Evgenii Anisimov, trans. by John T. Alexander.

Inside the Mind That Built the Nuclear Navy  

by Stuart Lewis

The Rickover Effect, How One Man Made a Difference, by Theodore Rockwell.

FDR’s Second Term: A Study in Opposites  

by Stuart Lewis

FDR: Into The Storm, 1937-1940, by Kenneth S. Davis.


Israel-PLO Accord Stresses Infrastructure Development  

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Lyndon LaRouche commented on the historic agreement, “We should take it very seriously and we should push it; but also recognize that there are people who will do their utmost to drown this agreement in blood, and to prevent this cooperation from ever occurring.”

The Damage of the Flood of ’93: It Could Have Been Prevented  

by Richard Freeman

The measures that could have been taken to build and maintain water infrastructure, were not taken, and millions of people are now paying the price.

Currency Rates  


by John Hoefle

The Hair of the Dog.


by Robert L. Baker

Fallow Soil Syndrome.

Business Briefs  


State Dept. Backs Cuba’s ‘Terrorist International’  

by Gretchen Small

At a meeting of the São Paulo Forum in Havana, a motley crew of socialists, communists, and narco-terrorists mapped out plans to march to power throughout Ibero-America in the next two years.

A Rogues Gallery: Who’s Who in the São Paulo Forum  

by Carlos Méndez

Terrorist Arms Cache Explodes in Managua  

by Cynthia R. Rush

ADL Deepens Ties with Terror Mafias  

by Cynthia R. Rush


Mexican Farmers Cry ‘Enough!’ to Banking Usury  

by Hugo López Ochoa

The government of President Carlos Salinas de Gortari is on the hot seat, as angry producers in Sonora and Jalisco demand an end to bankrupt policies.

Hated Pérez Is Out of Office in Venezuela  

by Peter Rush

Danger of Armed Conflict Looms between Russia and Ukraine  

by Konstantin George

Geneva Talks in Bosnia Collapse as Outcry against Genocide Grows  

by Umberto Pascali

Blatant UN Corruption in Sarajevo Exposed  

Bosnia Demands International Court Enforce Genocide Convention  

by Katherine Kanter

Human Rights Lobby and a Tale of Two Massacres  

by Valerie Rush

Yes, the British Royals Did Use Drugs  

by Mark Burdman

Documentation: From Leopard magazine’s exposé of the Royal Family’s consumption of heroin, cocaine, and opium at Braemar Castle, 1897-1914.

International Intelligence  


Defeat of NAFTA Can Shift U.S. Policies  

by H. Graham Lowry

Opposition to the North American Free Trade Agreement is surfacing from diverse political camps, and that’s good news. But defeat of the treaty must include a rejection of the British free-trade philosophy behind it, in favor of the American System of political economy.

Michigan Slashes Funds for Education  

by Suzanne Rose

Governors Embrace Dark Age Education  

by Brian Lantz

A report from the conference of the National Governors’ Association in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Will U.S. Troops Enforce a Russian ‘Monroe Doctrine’?  

by Edward Spannaus

Schiller Concert Fills Constitution Hall  

FBI in Paris Targeted LaRouche, Cheminade  

by Mary Jane Freeman

ADL Hand in Ouster of California Minister?  

by Robert Ingraham

National News  

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