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Volume 19, Number 45, November 13, 1992

Cover of EIR Volume 19, Number 45, November 13, 1992

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Moise Twala  

The chairman of the Returned Exiles’ Coordinating Committee in South Africa, Mr. Twala describes the hideous actions taken by the security officers of the African National Congress against the party’s dissidents.

Maître Claude Pernet  

A French trial lawyer and professor of international law, Maître Pernet was an observer for several days at the scandalous trial in Jordan of parliamentarian Laith Shubeilat.


Report from Bonn  

by Rainer Apel

Bonn May Be Facing Another Weimar.

Australia Dossier  

by Brent Melville

Hetherington Targets Free Trade.

Andean Report  

by Andrea Olivieri

Peru under “Democratic” Assault.

Dateline Mexico  

by Carlos Cota Meza

Who Will Rule Mexico?

Panama Report  

by Carlos Wesley

Plans To Abolish Army May Be Defeated.

Letters to the Editor  

Unfair to the Confederacy?


A New Branch of Science Is Born.


Spanning the Species: The Inhuman World of Harriman  

by Anton Chaitkin

Spanning the Century: The Life of W. Averell Harriman 1891-1986, by Rudy Abramson.

Unique View of JFK Assassination  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

JFK: The CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy, by L. Fletcher Prouty.

A Grand Idea Has Mixed Results  

by Kathy Wolfe

Complete Songs, The Hyperion Schubert Edition.

Bournonville: The Great Nonconformist  

by Katherine Kanter

Bournonvilleana, edited by M. Hallar and A. Scavenius.

Malthusians’ New Book Is Beyond the Limits of Credibility  

by Marjorie Mazel Hecht

Beyond the Limits: Confronting Global Collapse, Envisioning a Sustainable Future, by Donella H. Meadows, Dennis L. Meadows, and Jørgen Randers.


AIDS Breakthrough Gets Nod from U.S. Government  

by Dr. Ernest Schapiro

Washington has been forced to recognize powerful independent evidence confirming the report from Kenya that interferon can help AIDS sufferers.

In Asia, ‘AIDS Is Slowly Taking Control of Society’  

by Mary Burdman

IMF Policy Kills Argentine Retirees  

by Gerardo Terán Canal

Currency Rates  

‘China Model’ à la Bukharin Is No Alternative to the IMF  

by Mary Burdman

New Austerity Program Begins in Australia  

by Don Veitch

U.S. Unemployment Coverup  


by John Hoefle

First City Texas Fails, Again.


by Suzanne Rose

Bad Weather Hinders U.S. Corn Harvest.

Business Briefs  


The ANC Leads South Africa’s Plunge into War  

Nelson Mandela’s revelation that leaders of his African National Congress have engaged in torture of their own members has shocked the world. Despite Mandela’s stated desires or efforts, the promotion of such violence is central to the ANC’s entire strategy to seize power in South Africa.

ANC Dissident Tells of Torture and Terror  

An interview with Moise Twala.

Mr. ‘Democratizer’ Samuel Huntington Primes South Africa for Fascism  


New Push for ‘Greater Serbia’ Backed by United Nations  

by Umberto Pascali

Italian journalist Maurizio Blondet calls this “the final implementation of the secret master plan prepared by the Yugoslavian Army many years ago.”

Schiller Institute Meets in Moscow, Poses Alternative to IMF Austerity  

by Konstantin George

Helga Zepp-LaRouche sent a message to the institute’s first-ever conference in the Russian capital and posed the LaRouche plan for Eurasian-wide economic development.

Russian Crisis Heads Toward a Power Shift  

by Konstantin George

Middle East Institute Conference Targets ‘Economic Nationalism’  

LaRouche Warns: Shubeilat Case Is Part of Scheme to Break Jordan  

‘Shubeilat Trial Is a Travesty of Justice’  

An interview with Maître Claude Pernet.

Salvadoran ‘Peace Plan’ Breaks Down  

by Valerie Rush

U.S. Policy on Hemispheric Security  

Washington wants to give the OAS “blue helmet” powers to enforce its new world order on Ibero-America. From an EIR policy memorandum.

Japan’s Party Fissure Threatens Economy  

by Kathy Wolfe

International Intelligence  


Depression Defeated Bush; Clinton Will Be Next  

by Kathleen Klenetsky

Clinton will be coming to Washington with the support of less than half of the voting population. He has no mandate to govern, and if he does not deliver on his promise to create jobs, he will soon be facing the same popular wrath that booted Bush from office.

LaRouche Candidates: Movement of Principle  

by Marianna Wertz

In a major victory for decency, the referendum which would have imposed the death penalty in Washington, D.C. was defeated nearly 2-1-after opposition was galvanized by the LaRouche-Bevel Presidential campaign.

Californians Defeat ‘Aid in Dying’ Plan  

by Linda Everett

Movement To Topple KKK-Masonic Monument Growing Rapidly  

by Anton Chaitkin

District of Columbia Councilman William P. Lightfoot’s resolution to take down the statue of Albert Pike labels the statue as “an insult to humanity.”

Iran-Contra Was ‘Kiss of Death’ for Bush  

by Edward Spannaus

National News  

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