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Volume 19, Number 30, July 31, 1992

Cover of EIR Volume 19, Number 30, July 31, 1992

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The conference in Cameroon to which Lyndon LaRouche addressed a message, printed on pages 8-9 of our last issue, was inadequately identified. LaRouche’s statement was read to the first National Convention of the Social Democratic Front in Bamenda, Republic of Cameroon, meeting May 21-26.


Edgardo Lopez Grimaldo  

by Javier Almario

A former spokesman for the Panamanian Defense Forces and aide to Gen. Manuel Noriega, Major López Grimaldo has been imprisoned in Colombia with the aim of extraditing him to Panama on political charges.


Dateline Mexico  

by Carlos Cota Meza

NAFTA and the All-Star Game.

Andean Report  

by Gerardo Terán Canal

Cultural Relativism Pushed in Chile.

Report from Bonn  

by Rainer Apel

Pop-Front Tactics and Black Propaganda.


A Vision for America.


Mexico’s True Heritage of Classical Music  

by Alfredo Mendoza

Alfredo Mendoza, director of the Schola Cantorum in Mexico City, discusses the little-known tradition of music during the colonial period, an important vehicle for the Evangelization.

Scotland Needs To Recover Its Lost Soul: Music  

by James MacMillan

Scotland’s Music, by John Purser.

Church Music Debate Hides Deeper Issues  

by Nora Hamerman

Why Catholics Can’t Sing: The Culture of Catholicism and the Triumph of Bad Taste, by Thomas Day.

Music Views and Reviews  

by Kathy Wolfe

The Great Voices of the Early 20th Century.


Senators Say Greenspan Is Running Out of Bullets  

by Christopher White

With the dollar falling like a stone, the stock markets crashing, and unemployment rising week by week, isn’t it time to federalize the Federal Reserve and change policy?

AIDS Researchers Warn: 40 Million Infected by Turn of the Century  

by Joyce Fredman

At the Eighth International Conference on AIDS in Amsterdam, scientists called for a mobilization to stop the threat of the worst pandemic in history.

The LaRouche Plan To Defeat the AIDS Virus  

by Warren J. Hamerman

Revolt Against ‘Shock Therapy’ Gains in CIS  

by Mark Burdman

Promising Opposition to IMF Policies Could Spark ‘New Polish Revolution’  

by Frank Hahn

Currency Rates  

The Anatomy of Sweden’s Banking Deregulation Debacle  

by William Engdahl

Mahathir Says Labor Leaders Are Traitors  

by Lydia Cherry

Eustace Mullins, the Great Betrayer  

by William Bohdan


by Marcia Merry

FDA Okays Biotech for Wonder Foods.


by John Hoefle

Bush’s “December Surprise.”

Business Briefs  


Southern Fried Fascists Seize Democratic Party  

by Kathleen Klenetsky

With the nomination of Bill Clinton and Al Gore, the Democratic Party has dropped any pretense of representing the interests of its former constituents from labor, farmers, minorities, and urban ethnic groups. An analysis by Kathleen Klenetsky.

The DLC and the New Feudalism  

by Kathleen Klenetsky

The Democratic Leadership Council, of which both Clinton and Gore are members, wrote the script for the transformation of the party that has now been effected.

‘A New Covenant’ for Austerity and Zero Growth  

From the 1992 Democratic Platform.

Clinton’s Economic Policy  

by Bill Clinton

‘Equity in Sacrifice’  

by Barbara Jordan


Shining Path Readies Final Offensive in Peru  

by Andrea Olivieri

Like Thailand’s Khmer Rouge, these butchers are not an “indigenous” movement, but were imposed on the Andes by foreign influences such as the French Synarchists.

Foreign Apologists Back Shining Path War  

by Gretchen Small

Stop the Genocide in the Balkans  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Serbian Leader and the Hollywood Mafia  

A profile of Milan Panic.

‘Colombia Has Become Endara’s Jailer’  

by Javier Almario

An interview with Edgardo López Grimaldo.

Escobar Escapes, War Returns to Colombia  

by Andrea Olivieri

Colombia: The Genesis of the World’s First Narco-Democracy  

by Javier Almario

Germany Sets 18-Year Transportation Plan  

by Rainer Apel

International Intelligence  


DOJ: Hang Demjanjuk, Even If He’s Innocent  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The Department of Justice has filed a nasty attack against the U.S. Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio, for daring to interfere in the Department’s judicial lynching of John Demjanjuk.

Never Fear, I Shall Never Give Up  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

World Leaders to U.S.: Revoke Death Penalty!  

by Marianna Wertz

In New York, Clinton-Gore Finish Demolition of the Party  

by Webster G. Tarpley

Notes from the Democratic convention.

State Court Strikes ‘Hate Crimes’ Law  

by Leo Scanlon

‘Homosexual Rights’ Are Not Human Rights  

From a Vatican letter to American Catholic bishops.

‘True Prophets’ Needed To Oppose ‘Culture of Death’  

Blackout of Noriega Keeps Bush’s Secrets  

by Carlos Wesley

A Scottish Activist Visits America  

by Alan Clayton

A commentary.

National News  

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