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Volume 16, Number 38, September 21, 1989

Cover of EIR Volume 16, Number 38, September 21, 1989

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Monsignor Ladas Tulaba  

by Maria Cristina Fiocchi

The former rector of the Pontifical Lithuanian College in Rome discusses the enormous upheaval taking place in the Baltic nations.

Ruggero Raimondi  

One of the world’s leading operatic bass-baritones tells why he has joined the battle against today’s high musical tuning.

Book Reviews

Why America Is Losing ‘the Game’  

by Mark Burdman

The Game Player: Confessions of the CIA’s Original Political Operative, by Miles Copeland.

A Civil Libertarian Who Opposes Liberty  

by Nancy Guice

Why We Act Like Canadians, by Pierre Burton.



by Karl Svensson

“Black Sabbath” in Sweden.

Andean Report  

by Gretchen Small

Who Will Join Colombia in Battle?

Panama Report  

by Carlos Wesley

Non-Aligned Nations Back Noriega.


Who Is This Man?


Take the Crash Now! Waiting Will Make It Worse  

by Christopher White

Rather than madly trying to roll over about $1.25 trillion of unpayable debt through short-term schemes, it would be far better for our economy, to collapse the pyramid right now.

Bankers Fear Lyndon LaRouche’s Influence in Ibero-America  

by Robyn Quijano

The ‘Orthodox’ Road to a Dope Economy  

by William Engdahl

Poles considering Jeffrey Sachs’s “economic shock therapy” should consider how he wrecked Bolivia.

Currency Rates  

The Wyoming Mirage  

by Scott Thompson

Prospects for a multi-billion U.S.-Soviet agreement are fading fast.

Hippie Agriculture Makes It to the Big Time, Will Create Food Shortages  

by Robert L. Baker

Report from Rio  

by Silvia Palacios

Brazil Declares “White Moratorium.”


by Marcia Merry

No More Cheese for School Lunches.

Business Briefs  


The Drug Mob’s Legalizers Go on the Warpath  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The footsoldiers of the international narcotics mafia and their friendly bankers, have united in a single chorus to demand that drugs be legalized. Who are these spreaders of enemy propaganda, and how can they and their masters be defeated? In this section, EIR provides vital intelligence for all who can muster the will to fight.

Lyndon LaRouche’s 15-Point Plan for a War on Drugs  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche’s 20-Year War on Dope, Inc.  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Foundation Seeks End to Dope ‘Prohibition’  

About the Drug Policy Foundation.

A Rogues’ Gallery of Drug Legalizers  

The Fallacious Case for Legalization  

by Dr. John Grauerholz, M.D.


Colombia Takes Offensive Again; More Aid Is Urgent  

by José Restrepo

A series of new decrees has cleared away a number of bureaucratic barriers which the drug cartel has been using to protect itself. But the Army is running out of such essentials as gasoline and uniforms. Where will it get the money?

Syria: Narcotics Center of the Middle East  

Moscow Loses Ground in East Germany, as Exodus Disturbs ‘New Yalta’ Plans  

by Rainer Apel

Ukrainian Freedom Movement Gathers Strength, Backed by Polish Solidarnosc  

by Oksana Polishchuk and Luba George

Auschwitz Uproar Endangers Poland at Its Historic Crossroads  

by Muriel Mirak

What Hangs on Zhao Ziyang’s Fate  

by Linda de Hoyos

International Intelligence  


Boris Yeltsin Asks America To Save the Soviet Empire  

by Kathleen Klenetsky

The slick “ultra-reformist” from Russia, on tour in the United States, acted as Gorbachov’s right-hand man, warning of a cataclysm unless the West rolls out the financial red carpet for the Soviet Empire.

Bush Called ‘Personally Responsible’ for LaRouche  

Helms Amendment on Art Funding Bill Needs Support, Criticism Too  

by D. Stephen Pepper

U.S. Press Blackout of KGB-Palme Story Finally Broken  

Estonian Activist Seeks U.S. Support  

by William Jones

Judge Bryan: COG in Police-State Machine  

by Joseph Brewda

The judge who railroaded Lyndon LaRouche seems to be part of the “secret government” he protected.

Iowa Explosion Blamed on Sailor  

by Leo Scanlon

Eye on Washington  

by Nicholas F. Benton

Yeltsin Visit: A Soviet Deception.

Congressional Closeup  

by William Jones

National News  

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