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Volume 15, Number 40, October 7, 1988

Cover of EIR Volume 15, Number 40, October 7, 1988

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Manuel Solís Palma  

by Dolia Estévez-Pettingell

The President of Panama discusses the U.S. attack on his country and calls on the world’s nations to uphold the Canal treaties.

Book Reviews

The Uneven Frontier of American science  

by Warren J. Hamerman

A look at W. Spindel and R.M. Simons’s Frontiers in the Chemical Sciences, D.E. Koshland, Jr.’s Biotechnology, the Renewable Frontier, and Ruth Kuistad’s AIDS.

Science & Technology

Food Irradiation—a Weapon in the Arsenal Against Hunger  

by Dr. Martin A. Welt

“The greatest need for food irradiation technology is in developing nations, where alternative methods of food preservation are either nonexistent or too expensive,” Dr. Martin A. Welt, president of Alpha Omega Technology, Inc., Parsippany, N.J., told the founding conference of “Food for Peace.”

Approaching the Photosynthetic Limits of Crop Productivity  

by Frank B. Salisbury, Ph.D.

Plant pathologist and NASA life sciences adviser Frank B. Salisbury’s speech to the “Food for Peace” founding conference.


Report from Bonn  

by Rainer Apel

A Monetarist Hitler-Stalin Pact.

Report from Rio  

by Silvia Palacios

The Brazilian Titanic.

Report from Paris  

by Laurent Rosenfeld

Voters Reject “Politics as Usual.”

Report from Rome  

by Antonio Gaspari

Drug Mafia Organizes for 1992.

Andean Report  

by Valerie Rush

CAP, Latin America’s Kissinger?

Dateline Mexico  

by Rubén Cota Meza

From Peccei to Brundtland.

From New Delhi  

by Susan Maitra

Demand Death for Drug Traffickers.


What Is the Soviet Union?

AIDS Update

AIDS Bill: Congress Refuses To Face Reality  

by William Jones


IMF Conference Sets November Deadline  

by Christopher White

After the U.S. election, the plan is to make the International Monetary Fund the administrative center of a reorganized world monetary and credit system, in which national credit and currency are taken out of the hands of individual sovereign nations, and run for them by the IMF bureaucracy.

Currency Rates  

Mexico: New IMF Scam Dooms Salinas  

by Hugo López Ochoa

Peru Begs from IMF, Is Offered ‘Deals’  

by Peter Rush

Soviets Soon To Face Energy Shortages  

by Rachel Douglas


by William Engdahl

All That Glitters.


by Robert L. Baker

Aflatoxins in the Corn Crop.

Business Briefs  


Food Crisis Makes Soviet Leaders More Aggressive  

by Konstantin George

More than ever before in the dreadful postwar years, hunger and famine stalk the Soviet empire, and this is shaping the factional brawls in the Kremlin.

Bitter Fruits of the Soviet War Economy  

by Konstantin George

Eastern Europe Is Pinched between the Soviets and the IMF  

by Konstantin George and Rachel Douglas

The Deadly Milk Chain that Kills Polish Babies  

The Crippled Agricultural System of the Soviet Union  

by Rachel Douglas


London’s Dirtiest Network Out To Destabilize Japan  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“Tiny” Rowland’s Lonrho firm is featured prominently in a major effort to destabilize America’s leading Asian ally.

Taiwan’s Version of ‘Green Party’ Seeks Support in Western Europe  

Soviets Join U.S. War against Panama  

by Gretchen Small

Panama’s Solís Palma Indicts U.S. War Plans before the UN  

by Dolia Estévez-Pettingell

U.S. actions against Panama, he said, are neither pro-democracy nor anti-drug, but “an act of piracy without precedent in world history. ”

The World Must Uphold the Carter-Torrijos Treaties  

by Dolia Estévez-Pettingell

An interview with Panamanian President Manuel Solís Palma.

Israeli Mossad Backs Arab Fundamentalists  

by Scott Thompson

Terrorist Guerrillas Lay Siege to Colombia  

by Valerie Rush

International Intelligence  


Shevardnadze Offers U.S. More ‘New Yalta’ Plums  

by Nicholas F. Benton

The Pro-Moscow Bias of the Dukakis Team  

by Kathleen Klenetsky

Some interesting connections to the East might explain why the Democratic candidate is “viscerally anti-military.”

Dismissal of LaRouche Indictments Sought in Court of Appeals  

In ordering a retrial, argue LaRouche’s lawyers, the Boston District Court ignored the fact that the delays which gave rise to the juror hardships that led to a mistrial “were due entirely to the prosecutor’s conscious withholding of relevant evidence and information.”

Dukakis Mole in the Attorney General’s Inner Sanctum?  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The Case of the ADL of B’nai B’rith: Agents of a Foreign Power  

by Joseph Brewda

The court documentation.

Elephants & Donkeys  

by Kathleen Klenetsky

The Dukakis Student Loan Rip-Off.

Eye on Washington  

by Nicholas F. Benton

Tight Money Fanatics Criticize the Fed.

Congressional Closeup  

by William Jones

National News  

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