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Volume 13, Number 38, September 26, 1986

Cover of EIR Volume 13, Number 38, September 26, 1986

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Rafink Skaf  

by Marjorie Mazel Hecht

The senior officer at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization discusses why he doesn’t want spraying to kill locusts in Africa.


Andean Report  

by Jaime Ramírez

Foreign Investment, or Narco-Dollars?

Strategic Map  

Soviet irregular warfare, its staging grounds, and its finances.

From New Delhi  

by Susan Maitra

Nuclear Power: The Challenge Grows.

Report from Paris  

Fight for Cattenom Wins German Allies.

Report from Rio  

by Silvia Palacios

Shultz Tries To Recuperate Alliance.

Dateline Mexico  

by Josefina Menéndez

Who Stands behind Bartlett?


“Frighteningly Sane.”


The U.S. Goes to War ... against Its Own Allies  

by Christopher White

Volcker and friends are trying to save America’s bankrupt banks.

U.S., UN Watch as Locusts Sweep Africa  

by Marjorie Mazel Hecht

Four U.S.-financed DC-7 planes equipped for spraying have sat idle for a week in Senegal, because the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, with the backing of the U.S. State Department, has blocked their use elsewhere.

Europe Nervous over Wall Street Crash  

by William Engdahl

Biological Holocaust: Coverup of AIDS, Other Epidemics: Ibero-America near African Conditions  

by Jorge Bazúa and Valerie Rush

Strategic Minerals: Pivot for the Economic Reconstruction of Bolivia  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Currency Rates  

Foreign Exchange  

Banking Trouble and the Dollar.

Domestic Credit  

by David Goldman

Real Estate: A 25% Crash or Worse.


by Marcia Merry

There Goes Your Milk.

Business Briefs  

Science & Technology,

The Most Complex Mission America Has Conducted  

In a Sept. 5 SDI experiment, a Delta rocket-launch orbited two vehicles to test a new sensing and tracking capability—and even the project managers were astounded at their success. A partial transcript of Lt. Gen. James Abrahamson’s press conference report.

What Future for the U.S. Space Program?  

by Marsha Freeman

Reports on the clash of views at the Eascon conference, sponsored by the U.S. Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Fusion Reactor Technology for the 21st Century  

by Dr. V.K. Rohatgi

Part II of Dr. V.K. Rohatgi’s review of scientific progress toward the limitless energy source of the future.

Operation Juárez

Continental Integration: The Peronist Experiment  

The concluding part of Chapter 1, “History of the Battle for Integration,” in EIR’s serialization of the book, Ibero-American Integration: 100 Million New Jobs by the Year 2000.


Who Is Really behind the Mideast Terror Campaign  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Dramatic recent U.S. advances in the Strategic Defense Initiative mean that for the Soviet Union, victory through low-intensity warfare has taken on a greater relative weight in war planning. The result: an unprecedented war of terror across every major theater of operations.

Moscow’s Direction of Islamic Terror  

by Joseph Brewda

The intelligence that the U.S. State Department has systematically blocked out: the role of the Syrian Popular Party (PPS) and other Soviet-aligned groupings.

Switzerland: Sanctuary for the World’s Terrorists  

by Thierry Lalevée

The Planning of Islamic Terrorism  

The shuttle diplomacy—from Moscow to Damascus to Tripoli to Beirut to Zurich—which led up to the current terrorist outbreak.


France Leads the War on Soviet-Controlled Terrorism  

by Thierry Lalevée

The Chirac government has responded to the current unprecedented explosion of terrorism, by initiating emergency measures appropriate to wartime.

Documentation: From statements by Premier Chirac and other past and present government officials.

Moscow Formally Ranks LaRouche and Friends as ‘Extremely Dangerous’  

The Sept. 15 issue of the Moscow weekly New Times carries a five-page libelous attack against EIR’s founding editor and his associates—and what is made perfectly clear is that the Kremlin wants him dead.

Who Is Ernst Henry  

New Yalta Energy Policy: The ‘Energy Conservation Future’ of Germany’s Social Democrats  

by Rainer Apel

‘Theology of Liberation’: Reviving the Gnostic Cults  

by Leonardo Servadio

A conference report from Madrid by Leonardo Servadio.

International Intelligence  


The Looming Prospect of U.S. Economic Emergency  

by Nicholas F. Benton

NBC ‘Jail LaRouche’ Plot Is Derailed  

NBC’s plan to set him up for assassination was thwarted on Sept. 17, as friends and supporters posted a $256,451 appeal bond with a Federal court.

Eye on Washington  

by Nicholas F. Benton

Weinberger, Reagan Oppose “Posse Comitatus” Repeal — Meese “in Full Accord” with French Anti-Terror.

Congressional Closeup  

by Kathleen Klenetsky

National News  

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