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Volume 8, Number 13, March 31, 1981

Cover of EIR Volume 8, Number 13, March 31, 1981

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Science & Technology  

by Marsha Freeman

Europe protests U.S. space budget cuts.

Dateline Mexico  

by Josefina Menéndez

What is the “Monterrey Group?”—Part 1.

Middle East Report  

by Robert Dreyfuss

The plot to install a Syrian ayatollah.

Congressional Closeup  

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Susan Kokinda

Energy Insider  

by William Engdahl

Regulating America’s nuclear future.


Model Shows ‘In-Width’ Military Buildup Is Impossible for the U.S.  

by David Goldman

Why Research and Development Are Key to National Security  

by Dr. Steven Bardwell

A leading U.S. plasma physicist develops the implications.

First-Quarter Results Confirm EIR Forecast  

by Richard Freeman

Domestic Credit  

by Richard Freeman

A close look at unemployment.

International Credit  

by Renée Sigerson

Supply-siders ship to Third World.

Foreign Exchange  

by David Goldman

Can the dollar join the EMS?

World Trade  

by Mark Sonnenblick

All the Queen’s Men  

by Richard Freeman

Richard Freeman on Seagram and other U.S. corporate grabbers.

‘Technetronic’ Strategy for France Led by Paribas Bankers  

by Laurent Murawiec

Currency Rates  

Business Briefs  

Special Report

Western Europe’s New Mobilization Against Thatcher  

by Criton Zoakos

Criton Zoakos outlines the Franco-German counteroffensive against British-style policy.

Documentation: Statements by Giscard, Schmidt, banking spokesmen, and monetary officials.

Phase Two of the EMS Looks to Third World Development  

by Dana Sloan

West Germany and France Act As ‘Strong Interlocutors for Peace’  

by Susan Welsh

Europe’s East-West relations, and its recommendations to Reagan.

Why Was Thatcher Kept in Office?  

by Christopher White

Most important is deluding Mr. Reagan that her policies can work.


LaRouche’s Mexico Tour and the Oil-for-Nuclear Plan  

by Dennis Small

The trip to Monterrey and Mexico City this month by EIR’s founder was a policy initiative that hit “critical mass.”

Documentation: LaRouche’s proposals for industrialization, energy, and trade policy, plus a grid of press coverage.

Nuclear Power Advocates Spurred by Proposals for Expanded Investment  

by Timothy Rush

The LaRouche call to exchange “20th-century” oil for “21st-century” nuclear technology had a sharp effect.

Union Leader: Nuclear Shutdown Means Murder  

Hijacking Could Clinch U.S. Arms Shipment to Pakistan—and Undo General Zia’s Hold  

by Paul Zykofsky

A report from New Delhi on the State Department’s push to arm Zia.

NATO To Control Arab Oil?  

by Judith Wyer

Mobil is in the middle of both pipeline re-routing and RDF buildup.

Southern Africa’s Destabilization  

by Douglas DeGroot

International Intelligence  


Anti-Volcker Mobilization Mounted in Washington  

by Laurence Hecht

An ad hoc committee lobbied (and grilled) Pennsylvania congressmen, while House Majority Leader Jim Wright said Democrats must challenge the Fed’s policy.

World Wildlife Fund and PCC/Draper Fund Sponsor Global 2000’s Attack Against Science  

by Lonnie Wolfe

The effort to convince U.S. business that Maoist population control and bans on technology are the strategy of the future.

China’s Infanticide System  

Benchmark Decision in Texas on Corporate Claims Against Iran  

by George Canning

The first article in EIR’s expanded coverage of legal and constitutional questions.

‘Yippies’ a Cover for Assassination Capacity and Terrorism Wave  

The questions behind a bomb explosion.

National News  

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