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Volume 5, Number 30, August 7, 1978

Cover of EIR Volume 5, Number 30, August 7, 1978

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This Week

Saudis To Dump Sterling in Retaliation for British Terrorism  

by David Goldman

Trial Testimony Proves Murder Plot Set-Up on LaRouche  

Assailant of USLP’s Gallagher convicted in New York.

British Gear Up for Terror in the U.S.  

Mexican Press Reports on Plot To Assassinate LaRouche  

Cabinet Split on Bonn Economic Plan  

by Kathleen Murphy

The saboteurs appear to be losing out to the “pro-Europeans.”


Saudis Forging Arab Unity  

by Judy Wyer

Working with Europe for Geneva and pushing U.S. for a peace commitment.

Iraqi Terror Cleanup Sparks British Intelligence War on Baghdad  

Iraq Hits Bahai, Free Mason Traitors – Zionist Agent Abu Nidal Spouts Anti-Arab Hysteria.

Lebanon’s Army Moves To Restore Sovereignty  

by Mary Jane Coates

Britain ‘Warns’ Fukuda  

by Kevin Coogan

The Bonn Battle Breaks into The Press  

“Schmidt’s Self-Finlandization” – “Left” Version of British Smear Campaign – West German Government Refutes Moss Slander.

Special Report

The Black International: Free Enterprise and Feudalism  

Europe’s ancient oligarchs are out to murder LaRouche and his program – The Sovereign Military and Hospitaler Order of St. John of Jerusalem – Inside the Black Guelph Conspiracy: An Interview with a Knight of Malta.

U.S. Report

Carter Team Battles Kennedy-Kissinger Drive To Paralyze Presidency  

by Don Baier

Carter Foreign Policy Faces London Torpedoes in Congress  

Washington Post Leads Crusade To Halt Bonn Momentum  

by Patrick Koechlin


Who’s Bulling the Stock Market?  

N.Y. Stock Exchange grazes 900 mark in its heaviest day of trading ever.

Faction Fight in U.S. Corporate Boardrooms  

Schmidt Shapes B.R.D. Budget To Fit Grand Design  

Economic Survey

Egypt Versus The IMF  

by Mark Burdman

Will the advanced sector come down on the side of development? — World Bank: “Egypt Can’t Have Everything” — Another Nile Nation Knuckles Under — A French Description of the “New Valley.”


Intimidating the Oil Industry - Schlesinger, Kennedy ‘Witch-Hunt’ Progrowth Opponents  

by William Engdahl

Kennedy Aide: “Schlesinger’s Finished; Everyone Knows It” — Schlesinger: The Sailing Gets Rougher.


France’s New Industry Policy Lines Up with Bremen Accords  

by Garance Upham

French to Imitate Germans – The Soviet Angle.

West German Trade Unions Mobilize for Nuclear Energy  

European Labor Party Hits “Greenies.”


The Anti-Defamation League: Britain’s Zionist Gestapo  

How this London policy instrument operates against both Jews and Gentiles — The Many Facets of London’s Zionist Lobby.

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