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Volume 5, Number 28, July 25, 1978

Cover of EIR Volume 5, Number 28, July 25, 1978

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The Secret War over the Bremen Plan  

by David Goldman

LaRouche: British Intelligence Is Running an Assassination Operation Against Me  

What Did, and Didn’t, Happen at Bonn — George Gregory  

An on-the-spot report from our correspondent there — “A Political Will To Act According To The Same Design” – London’s View: “Between Bremen and Bonn.”

Bonn: The Nuclear Energy and Antiterrorism Accords  

“A Political Will To Act According to the Same Design.”

Japan Continues Push for U.S. Cooperation in Fusion  

Mexico Leads Third World into Grand Design  

Japan To Play Key Role in Drive for World Peace  

Special Report

‘The European Monetary System Is the IDB’  

by Kathy Stevens

U.S. needs dirigism, not free enterprise, USLP’s LaRouche tells Chicago rally.

LaRouche: How the IDB Was Born  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche on the Gold-Backed Monetary System  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche on U.S. Capital Exports  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche on the Nuplex Concept  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

U.S. Report

Brzezinski’s Trade Cutoff: ‘Economic Retaliation’ Against U.S.A.  

by Don Baier

U.S. Press: Curb Brzezinski, Work with Brzezinski Elite.

‘100 Days’ Legislative Drive To Lead U.S. Into New Monetary System  

Labor and Business Join Forces To Defend Nuclear Power  

The Seabrook debacle sparks a national mobilization effort.


European Monetary System Emerges; Britain Stakes Its Claim in Gold Rise  

by Leif Johnson

The Traitorous ‘Free Enterprise’ Campaign  

by Lydia Dittler

Will the U.S. economy be the casualty of Adam Smith’s economics?

On Friedmanite and Bukharinite Snakes  

by Warren Hamerman

An Anglo-Dutch Banking Crisis  

by Richard Schulman


Latest Results Show Fusion Feasible and Economical  

by Charles B. Stevens

Good News for the Fusion Budget.


The Assassination Plot Against LaRouche: The Unfolding Anatomy of a Terrorist Activation  

by Paul Goldstein

Francis M. Watson Caught in Plot Against LaRouche.


Bonn Debate Sparks Italian Political Shift  

The PCI’s “Science of Austerity.”

Third World

Africa Undertakes Bonn Strategy for Development  

1. Egypt’s Initiatives To Stabilize Northeast Africa – An Ethiopian Diplomat’s Assessment – 2. North Africa, Mauritania, and Franco-Algerian Rapprochement – 3. Angola and Zaire Move to Entente – Brzezinski Line Dismissed – L’Aurore: Young’s Policy Debate Wins — Neto: Peace and Development.

Israel Faces Geneva  

by Robert Dreyfuss

Dayan, Sharon plot war to halt growth of peace faction in Israel – Israeli Government Polarized – “Laying Mines for Weizman” – Dayan Attacked by Labourites.


Why Proposition 13 Is Unconstitutional: The Documented Legal Case Against Fiscal Conservatism  

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