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Volume 5, Number 12, March 29, 1978

Cover of EIR Volume 5, Number 12, March 29, 1978

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Callaghan to Carter: ‘Dethrone the Dollar’  

by David Goldman

British Press Cheers ‘Rising Sun’ of the British Empire  

British Say: U.S. Finished as World Strategic Power  

Healey Says U.S.-German Economic Plan Is Piecemeal – Brookings Institution on SDRs Proposal – Salomon Brothers Expert on the IMF....

U.S.-Israel Crisis: Breakaway Ally or Step Toward Regional Peace?  

Special Report

Brzezinski Is Only a Pawn  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

U.S. Report

Counterattack Against Israel Lobby Begins in Congress  

by Don Baier

U.S. Press Opposes Israeli ‘Retaliation’  

Soviet Union’s Answer to the Wake Forest Speech  

Soviets on SALT: Our Patience Is Limited  

Campaign for Exports Underway In and Out of White House  

by Kathy Murphy

The State Department, the Mideast, and Export – Support for Exim Expansion – Will Congress Get the Hint? – Strauss: “The Answer Is a Tremendous Export Thrust.”

Finance: Less Is Not Moore  

Miners Vote on New Coal Pact  

U.S. Economic Survey

Behind the U.S. Economic Collapse  

by Lydia Dittler

A Case Study: Industrial Materials’ Inflation  

by Joseph Stein


London Currency Warriors on the Defensive  

Third World Debt: IMF Bludgeon Against U.S. Banks  

by Steve Parsons

Snared in the Debt Trap – Daily Telegraph: “Jamaica Fears Collapse” – Financial Times: “Peru’s Debts: The IMF Refuses To Ease the Burden.”


What Kind of ‘National Unity’ Government for France?  

by Dana Sloan

U.S. And British Press Threaten France with Italian Terrorism ... Set Communists Up for Confrontation ... and Urge Center-Left Alliance.

Soviet Sector

British Influence Behind Soviet Anti-Dollar Line  

by Renée Sigerson

The Anti-Dollar Line – And Who Is Mr. Menshikov? – “Just the Flitter of an Idea” – Goading the Oil-$ Split – Behind the Smokescreen?

Military Strategy

Asia Defense Policy Fight Brews at White House  

by Peter Ennis

We Must Give Asia Its Due – A Treaty Is a Treaty – Withdrawal Doesn’t Mean U.S. Troops Won’t Fight – Our Position Is Clear.


Terrorists Plant Hoax on Wall Street Journal  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The ‘KGB Runs Terrorism’ Hoax.

Middle East

The Stakes Are High in F-15 Sale to Saudi Arabia  

by Judy Wyer

Saudi Arabian Ambassador: We Cannot Tolerate Delay – Israelis on Saudis: “Lucky, Roosevelt Died....”

Southern Lebanon: Israel’s Vietnam?  

Syria, Soviets Push International Intervention To Stabilize Mideast  


At The UN Discussion of Rhodesia: Britain’s Set-Up Threatened with Exposure  

The British on the Firing Line in Security Council  

Rhodesia Resolution – Zambia Resolution – Andrew Young Says: Why Trust Smith? – Nigeria Says British Must Reject Internal Solution – Zambia Says British Lack the Will – Patriotic Front Spokesmen Attack British in British Press.

Pressure for and against the Internal Solution  

“U.S. Should Call For Geneva”

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