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Volume 4, Number 43, October 25, 1977

Cover of EIR Volume 4, Number 43, October 25, 1977

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International War Against Terror; Economic Cooperation To Follow?  

The Hijacking And Rescue: As the New York Times Tells It, and What Really Happened  

West Germany Sharpens Its Best Antiterrorist Weapon  

International Press Reflects Both Sides of the Battle  

Anglo-American Strategist: Terrorist Revenge in West Germany within Two Weeks  

Will Terrorists Be Given ‘The Bomb’?  

London Daily Predicts Nuclear Terror – Tales for Tomorrow?


Can Carter Get an Energy Deal from Congress?  

by Don Baier

Carter’s New Nuclear Energy Policy: Sour Wine in New Bottles?  

by William Engdahl

U.S. Labor Party Nuclear Energy Mobilization Report  

Harriman Steers Foreign Policy Shift  

Long Knives Out Against Carter  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


London’s ‘Big Grab’ Could Spell Dollar Panic?  

by David Goldman

A New Stage in the Dollar Fight  


How To Spend $100 Billion for Energy  

by Eric Lerner

Congress Must Pass Emergency Energy Financing Act of 1977  

Science & Technology

‘Revolution in Cancer Research’ Stalled by Government Grant Cuts  

by Carol Cleary


Barry Commoner: Where Science Meets Terrorism  

by Stuart Pettingell

Schlesinger’s Fifth Column  


EEC Ministers Quash British Reflation Scheme  

West Germany: ‘There Is No Opposition’  

Government Crisis Looms in Portugal  

Italy Breaks with IMF; But Industrial Debt Keeps Rising  

Italo-Soviet Credit Line Moot Transfer Ruble – Stammati: IMF Zero Growth “Unacceptable.”

Middle East

Geneva Conference on the Rocks, War on the Horizon  

Yadin, Dayan Open Up Power Play in Israel  

Schlesinger Goes Public with Persian Gulf Invasion Threat  

Arabs React to Schlesinger’s Provocations.


India: Gandhi Loses Congress Party Presidency Bid  

Indian Press Rejects Singh Arrest of Gandhi – New Wave: “Charan’s Coup Against Janata.”

Latin America

IMF Agreement Will Leave Peru a Basked Case  

by Mark Sonnenblick


Open Letter to William Loeb of the Manchester Union Leader: Say ‘Capitalism,’ Not ‘Free Enterprise’  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Murdoch’s ‘British’ Press Slant Provokes Mutiny at New York Post  

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