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Volume 4, Number 24, June 14, 1977

Cover of EIR Volume 4, Number 24, June 14, 1977

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The ‘Spirit of Camp Pocantico’  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Nelson Rockefeller Eyes the Vice Presidency  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Vance Sets Up Confrontation for Belgrade; Harriman Circles Fear Blowup  

Soviet Expert: Things Can Suddenly Get Out of Control – Arbatov Can’t Get Through to the Top.

Mediterranean-Comecon Alliance Rejects Carter’s Wargame  

The King Hassan II Affair  

by Bob Dreyfuss

Arabs Move Toward ‘Unified Political Plan’  

War Cabinet Formed in Israel  

A Chronology: Pre-Belgrade Diplomacy  


Rockefeller ‘Trade-Off’ with Conservatives on Energy, B-1  

Next Step — Impeachment  

U.S. Labor Party Presents Articles of Impeachment against President Carter to Congress.

Young Recites IPS Script To Provoke Race Riots  

Schlesinger Caught in Lies Before House Science and Tech Committee  

ABC, CBS Factions Debate – Risk War Now or in 1980?  

by Bob Cohen


‘Fall-Back Option’ Could Squeeze Out Chase, Citibank  

U.S. Maneuvers To Cut In on World Shipping Collapse  

U.S. Demand for Protectionism – A Cover for Industrial Backwardness  

1930s-Style Depression Crisis Grips Plains, West  

First Chicago Corporation: The Hot Air Bank of the Windy City  


Dangers of the Present Administration’s Plutonium Fuel Cycle Policy  

by Morris Levitt, Ph.D.

Fusion Energy Foundation Holds Milestone Conference In West Germany  

FEF Director Reports on Oklahoma Energy Conference  

by Morris Levitt, Ph.D.

Other Energy News  

West German Press Reports Mexican Reactor Order – Japanese Fight on Nuclear Reprocessing Plant Continues – What’s Behind Carter’s Plan To Bid Purchase International Oil – Announce Italian-Soviet Energy Conference.

Soviet Sector

Soviets: Wall Street’s Debt Collection Will Cause World War  

New Times: Bankers Want “Military Guarantees” – Rinascità: Collapse Haunts Euromarket – Marshal Bagramyan on In-Depth Operations – Soviet Clausewitzians Surface.


‘Democracy According to NATO’  

by Dmitrij Ardamatskij

Italian Union Leader Calls for Global Anti-War Drive  

Vatican Enters Fight To Avert Nuclear War  

‘Strategy of Tension’ Imported to France  

Rudakov Revelations Break in France  

“Do the Russians Possess the ‘Absolute Weapon’?”

Austrian Chancellor Kreisky Behind Mideast Gun-Running Scandal  

Tindemans Government Gives Belgian Socialists Green Light for Austerity  

Middle East

Turkish Elections Increase Chances for NATO Coup  

Turkey Thwarts Coup Attempt.


U.S. Sudanese Stooges Fuel East Africa Tensions  

Tass Statement on Africa, June 4.


Japanese Revolt Against Carter and Fukuda’s China Policy  

Brezhnev Proposes Preliminary ‘Good Neighbor’ Treaty with Japan  

Pakistan: Bhutto, Opposition Near Agreement To End Two Months of Crisis  

Latin America

How Senator Dole Is Helping To Start the Next War  

by Cornelia Reynolds


Outcry Delays Candidate’s Jailing: Bare FBI, Carter Use of Fake Dossier To Frame Up Ogden  

NCLC Demands Attorney General Retract Claim That Organization Is ‘Violence-Oriented’  

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