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Volume 4, Number 13, March 29, 1977

Cover of EIR Volume 4, Number 13, March 29, 1977

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India: Delay in New World Economic Order Fatal to Gandhi  

How the World Reacted  

How the Congress Was Defeated  

Opposition to IMF Bailout Surfaces in U.S., Europe  

New York Bank Bailout Draws Congressional Fire  

Vance Mission to Moscow: Set Up New Cuban Missile Crisis  


Ford Foundation-MITRE Report Previews Carter’s Energy Program  

Excerpts from “Nuclear Power: Issues and Choices” – Journal Of Commerce Predicts 20-Fold Hike in Natural Gas Prices – Nuclear Energy Policy Study Group: A List of Members.

What Is the Ford Foundation?  

What Is the MITRE Corporation?  

‘Carter Administration Has No Disagreements’  

Brzezinski’s Command Economies: ‘A Nice Way of Saying Fascism’  

Kissinger Joins Chase Manhattan  

‘Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic  

Senator Glenn Hears USLP on Energy; Gives Schlesinger 10 Days To Reply  

Fusion Energy Foundation Spokesman Addresses Diplomats, Congressional Aides on Necessity for Crash Nuclear Fusion  

Carter Universal Vote Fraud Package Presented to Congress  


European Currencies Under Fire  

Gold Keeps Going Up  

Common Fund Hoax Dies Quietly  

T-Ruble Set To Go  

Without New Credit System, Europeans Will Be At Each Other’s Throats  


The North Sea: Britain’s Fight for High-Energy Growth  

Arab Output Shows the ‘Oil Shortage’ Is Baloney  

Science & Technology

The Fast Breeder Reactor: Its Political, Economic and Scientific Implications  

by Jon Gilbertson

Soviet Sector

Brezhnev’s ‘Hardline’ Speech Fits Trilateral Commission Profile  

Excerpts from the March 21 Address by Leonid Brezhnev  

The Response to Brezhnev.


Izvestia on the Defeat of the Gandhi Government.


Callaghan Weathers Confidence Vote  

Andreotti Says He’ll Bow to IMF But the Battle Is Not Over  

‘Union of the Left’ Coalition Sweeps French Municipal Elections  

CDU Chief: Foreign ‘Coalitions’ Responsible for Plethora of Scandals in B.R.D.  

B.R.D. Atomic Power Shut Down by U.S. ‘Experts’  

Middle East

Carter Puts Sadat on the Line  

“Egypt Will Break with PLO” – Egyptians, Saudis “Angry, Outraged” at Carter – Sadat’s Only Hope – Saudis See “No Reason” To Discuss with Carter.

Palestine National Council: Political Consolidation – But No Direction  

Why Israel Must Have Peace – The State of the Israeli Economy  


Zaire: Carter Goes for Showdown with U.S.S.R. in Africa  

Castro Press Conference in Tanzania  

Castro in Africa: Economic Progress Defines Your Political Struggles  


Fukuda Returns Empty-Handed  

Japan - The Politics of Oil  


‘Investigative Reporting for Fun and Terrorism’  

Phoenix Gazette Airs Carter Link to Goldwater Smear  


Bare Plot To Watergate Carter Foes on ‘Mob Connections’  

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