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Volume 3, Number 5, February 1, 1976

Cover of EIR Volume 3, Number 5, February 1, 1976

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Domestic Markets Letter

Corporatists Push — Compromise on Ford Budget in the Offing

Special Reports

Special Briefing on the World Economic Situation

The Realignment of Forces in the U.S.

The State of the World

Guns, No Butter — No Brains Either

The Present Key Role of the Labor Committees

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Supreme Court Decisions Pave Way for U.S. Police State; Labor Party Mounts Legal Counteroffensive

The Flint Special Operations Bureau Operations Against the U.S. Labor Party

Soviets on White Communism

by Rachel Berthoff

The Mideast: The Search for a New Policy

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