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Volume 2, Number 47, October 31, 1975

Cover of EIR Volume 2, Number 47, October 31, 1975

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Political Economy

International Bargaining to Build the IDB Gets Underway

by David Goldman

Congress Gangs Upon Rocky’s New York Banks

by David Goldman

Wall Street Analysts Warn: New York Banks on the Brink

by David Goldman

East-West Trade Now Only Prop Holding Up the World Economy

by David Goldman

Special Reports

CIA Primes Syria To Invade as War Wracks Lebanon

by Robert Dreyfuss

MPLA Counterattacks Multi-Front Invasion of NATO-CIA Forces

USLP Presidential Statement: Stop CIA-Run Invasion of Angola

Portugal: Civil War Is Already On

Rocky Terrorizes Brazil To Collect His $4 billion in Blood

Peru, Under Fire, Leads Bloc of Anti-Fascists at Military Conference

Labor Party To Win 20-30 Percent of Vote in November 4 Elections

Special Feature

Stopping the Holocaust, Part I: The Approach of Ecological Holocaust

by Ned Rosinsky, M.D.

IPS Weekly Financial Newsletter

The Way Out for Japan

IPS Daily Reports

October 31 early

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