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Volume 2, Number 46, October 24, 1975

Cover of EIR Volume 2, Number 46, October 24, 1975

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Political Economy

Panic Over NYC Heralds World Break with Dollar

by David Goldman

Rockefeller Is Instigating an International Trade War

by David Goldman

Inventories, Layoffs Soar As Economy Dives

by David Goldman

Special Reports

The ‘PCI Strategy’ Is Introduced in Japan

Japan Guts Its Industry in Attempt To Save Yen

The Way Out for Japan

PCF’s Jean Elleinstein — Agent or “Communiste de Boudoirs?”

Communist Parties Push Faction Fight Out into the Open

Capitalist Faction Discovers Politics; International Development Policy Emerges

Rockefellers Enraged as Their World Crumbles

International Market News

Japan, Saudi Arabia Take Steps To Move Out of Dollar Orbit

Domestic Market News

US Economic Forecast: Washington vs. Bank of America

IPS Daily Reports From October 18 Through October 24

October 17 Priorities

October 18 Early

October 18 Late

October 19 Priorities

October 19 Non-Priorities

US Labor Party Proposes Emergency Employment Act To Solve Economic Crisis

USLP To Testify Before Election Commission Today

October 20

October 21 Early

October 21 Late

October 22 Early

October 22 Late

October 23 Early

October 23 Late

October 24 Early

October 24

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