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Volume 2, Number 21, May 6, 1975

Cover of EIR Volume 2, Number 21, May 6, 1975

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Political Economy

Emergency USLP Presidential Statement on the Economic Crisis

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

European Capitalists Look toward East for Survival as Production Plummets

by David Goldman

News Analysis

Bloc Forming To Dump Rocky

LaRouche in New York: “Survival of Human Race Depends on Our Acts”

Special Reports

The Threat of Thermonuclear Holocaust: How Rockefeller Got Control of the Button

Newark Trial: FBI Lies, Judge Tampers with Informer-Witness

This Week’s Headlines

Rockefeller Forces Push toward Nuclear Confrontation; ICLC Spurs Countermoves

NATO’s Southern Strategy

Second International and ICLC Counter Thrust



Latin America


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