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Volume 2, Number 4, January 12, 1975

Cover of EIR Volume 2, Number 4, January 12, 1975

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January 12

Bumbling Bankers Demand Productivity

US Auto Industry Breathes Its Last

Labor Party Organizes To Stop Operation Earthquake

FBI Stalls in US Labor Party Suit

Labor Party in Court Against UAW, Woodcock

Rockefeller Puts Ex-Marine in Charge of Anti-Alien Terror Campaign

LEAA Judge Presides over NCLC Case in New Jersey

PSP Falls for CIA Terrorism in Puerto Rico

Canadian Troops Practice for Strike Breaking

Labor Party Debt Moratorium Shakes Up NYC Pols

Agricultural Report

Editorial: Congress Must Enact Food and Tractor Credits Now!

How To Build Five Million Tractors a Year

USDA Covers Up Agricultural Disaster in Lake States

Fertilizer Sabotage Threatens Spring Planting

CIA Administration Leads World Food Council

January 11

West Germans Demand Upgraded Military

French Communist Party Guts SP and Launches Organizing Drive

Labor Party Campaign Stalls CIA/Murphy Commission

ICLC Stalls War of the Pacific

Shah Bolsters Sadat To Save CIA’s Mideast Alliance

Fascist Step-Up in Mexico: Echeverria Tries To Clear Himself

Greek NATO-Regime Attempts ‘Alignment’ with East Bloc

Police Provocateurs Attempt Disruption on Unemployment Lines

Cesar Chavez Runs Border Gestapo in Arizona

January 10

Jobert To Form Movement for Deindustrialization, Fascist Austerity

European Labor Party Kicks Off United Front Reconversion Drive

Labor Party Disrupts LEAA Profiling


Chavez’ Bracero Harvest, Echeverria’s Mexico

Pick a Card, Any Card

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