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Volume 1, Number 36, November 27, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 36, November 27, 1974

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November 27

Secretive Trilateral Subcommittee Runs Salt Talks

Public Works Committee Considering Plans To Relocate Urban Industry

CIA Steps Up Pressure on Iraq

November 26

Workers Mobilize To Spread NCLC Congressional Testimony

Israel Economy Has Four Months To Go, Chase Says

First Penn Prevents Israel Finance Panic

Searches for Terrorists Hit Germany in Aftermath of British Emergency Laws

Mideast on Razor’s Edge: ICLC Moves To Break Stalemate

French Finance Minister Says Deindustrialization Is Government Policy

November 25

Hudson Institute Writes Off Britain Then Rest of Advanced Sector

Planners Tell Ghetto To Grow Own Food

Media “Reveal” CIA-NY LAI Link

IRA Bombings Spark Martial Law Measures in Britain

Birmingham Plan for Self-Policing, Warring Neighborhoods Is Model for US

UAW’s Bluestone Asks Workers To Sacrifice for Sub Pay

US Steel Holds Ritual Layoff Briefing

Rocky’s Double Deal

Phony Trade Wars To Lead to IMF Control of World Trade

Special Reports

A Brief to Congress: US Labor Party Elections 1974

A Brief to Congress on World Starvation, Emergency Food Program

Bill for Emergency Food Relief for Presentation in The United States Congress

Fusion Report

Fusion Energy Foundation Established

Fusion Meeting Debate on Human Creativity

Fusion Power Bill for The US Congress


Israel Relives Masada Under David Rockefeller’s Control

New Solidarity Draws the Class Lines

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