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Volume 1, Number 21, September 23, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 21, September 23, 1974

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Political Economy

Finance in Rockefeller’s Fourth Reich

North America

Press Begins to Watergate Haig

Labor Party Files 4020 Signatures for N.Y. Ballot

Washington Report

Sitting Ducks in Congress: Afraid of Rockefeller, Afraid of Stopping Him

West Germany

Strauss-Mao Axis Against Soviets Praised in Press

Rats Deserting SPD Ship for Strauss

Schmidt on ELC: “Thoroughbred Communist”

State of Agriculture

Agricultural Roundup

European and Texas Farmers Protest

London Times Sounds CAP Deathknell; Farmer Recycling Planned

ELC Organizes for Farmer-Worker Alliance

Ford’s UN Speech: Rocky’s Next Foor and Energy Hoax

Chicago Food Conference Mounts Attack on Labor

Mideast Report

CIA Uses Arafat, “Arab Unity” to Ready Mideast for Looting

U.N. Report

Fusion Power Campaign Gains at U.N.

World Bank Warns of Cabal’s Crimes

International Terrorism

Japan’s Red Army Reactivated in CIA Terror Blitz

Nazi Colonel Spreads CIA Terror to Spain

Africa Report

CIA Dethrones Haile Selassie

Staged Race Riots in Mozambique; Angola Next

Mobutu’s CIA “Radicalism” in Angola

South Africa: Rocky’s “Liberalization” Temporarily Runs Aground

The CIA in the Press

The News in the Making: Rockefeller’s Victory in World War II

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