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Volume 1, Number 10, July 8, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 10, July 8, 1974

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Political Economy

Is This The Kreditanstalt?

Nelson Rockefeller Visits the Indians

State of Labor

Labor Committee Ruins Woodcock’s IMF Game-Plan in Stockholm

North America

Canadian NDP Member of Parliament Implicated in Formation of Continental Gestapo

Labor Party Indicts NATO Psychologists As Nazi Doctors at Secret Conference

The IRA Comes to Canada ... Courtesy of the CIA

Marchetti Has Public Fit of Nerves at NCLC Exposure of CIA

Pontiac Times Cries “Communist Menace”

International Report

Summit Meeting: Grechko’s “Nyet” Still Leaves Soviets Defenseless

International Briefs

The Stinking Corpse of Peronism


Demise of the Christian Democrats

IPS Book Review: Mussolini’s Widow Remembers Papa

The Mideast

Iraq Government Wavers Toward Soviets; CIA’s Fatah, Sadat Apply Pressure.

Israel: “Economy Lousy, Business Great”

West Germany:

West German CP, Jumpy at LC Influence, Publicizes Conference That Never Happened!

“ELC Class” for Maoists

Research Reports

The Busing Plot: CIA Plans Fall Race Riots, Organizes Both Sides

The Boston Set-Up for Race War

Atlanta, Georgia: Another CIA Test Tube for Terror and Race War

IPS Exclusive Investigation on Watergate

Rockefeller-CIA Cabal’s Watergate Impeachment Conspiracy

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