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Volume 1, Number 2, May 10, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 2, May 10, 1974

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USSR: Soviet Union: Dangerous Wishful Thinking on Detente Policy

Portugal: Liberal Fascism Takes Over With Coup in Portugal

Italy: Psychological Warfare Italian Style; Will the PCI See the Trap?

EEC: Brandt’s Resignation Shakes EEC; Military Coups Possible

Germany: CIA Involved in Watergating of Willy Brandt

Germany: European Labor Committees Move in United Front to Block Schmidt

India: India’s Government About to Fall?

European Labor Committees: First U.S. Report on ELC Conference


Truckers Strike: CIA Agitates for Truckers Chaos, Military Prepares to Take Control

Truckers Strike: Excerpts of Government Document on Military Plans for Truckers Strike

Bechtel Corporation: Schultz to Join Bechtel, CIA Firm Linked to Sabotage

Boston LEAA Report: LEAA Hearings

Boston LEAA Report: O’Neill to Subpoena LEAA Principals for Boston Hearings

Research Reports: Economic Report: Worldwide Liquidity Crunch

Research Reports: The Law Enforcement Assistance Administration

Briefs: LEAA Proposes National Computerized Information System Using Satellite

Briefs: Personality Tracking Proposed in Britain

Briefs: Physicists Meeting Confronted With AEC Sabotage of Controlled Fusion Research

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