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Volume 37, Number 50, December 24, 2010

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LPAC NAWAPA Conferences
Spur Campaign for Real Recovery

Two high-powered LaRouche PAC conferences, one in Pasadena, Calif., and the other in Kennewick, Wash., on the prospects and implications of the immediate implementation of the NAWAPA project, point to the immediate potential for a successful, expanded organizing drive for this crucial great project. The optimism which LPAC has generated among engineers with the expertise to implement the biggest biosphereengineering project ever, has sparked a dynamic that is desperately needed by the demoralized U.S. population.

Dr. Howard Chang:
We Will Solve Problems Continuously;
We Are Going To Open Up New Frontiers

Hydrological engineer Dr. Chang held the Pasadena audience spellbound, with his lively, and often humorous power-point presentation on the history of water infrastructure, including his personal involvement in building China’s Three Gorges Dam. He delivered the optimistic message that problems should be welcomed, as offering the opportunity for creative new solutions.


No EU Political Union,
But a Europe of Sovereign States!

By Helga Zepp-LaRouche. The EU governments at the Brussels summit once again missed an opportunity adopt a real solution to the euro/financial crisis, and are pushing the idea that the EU should become a superstate, eliminating the last remnants of national sovereignty.

Nuclear Power in Asia Is a Matter of Survival

While nuclear power advocates in the United States lament that the “nuclear renaissance” here has “stalled,” the nations of Asia are proceeding full steam ahead.

The David Kelly Case:
Will New Revelations Sink Tony Blair?

There is growing evidence that the ex-PM was deeply involved in the coverup of the suspected murder of British nuclear weapons expert Dr. David Kelly, in the Summer of 2003.

Cheminade in Niger:
A Project To Renew Lake Chad Presented


Six LaRouche Democrats
Announce Campaigns for 2012

Confronted with the disastrous outcome of the 2010 midterm elections, Lyndon LaRouche has announced that his political action committee will field six candidates for the 2012 Congressional elections, to provide competent leadership, now.

Kesha Rogers:
We’ve Nothing To Fear But Pessimism Itself

Rachel Brown:
Fighting Words Launch Campaign for Congress

Summer Shields:
‘For Their Deeds Do Follow Them’

A Turning Point:
Obama Tax-Cut Swindle Triggers Dem Revolt

The corrupt and unconstitutional tax-cut deal that President Obama worked out with Republican leaders, behind the backs of his own party, has triggered a revolt among Democrats.

The Real Boston Tea Party, Dec. 16, 1773


The Evil We Fight