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Volume 37, Number 49, December 17, 2010

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Science’s Next New Undertaking:
What Makes Sense?

By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. LaRouche follows his recent series of reports on the subject of human creativity, with the second, or intermediate phase, viz., “certain functions of the human mind which are beyond the scope of what have been customarily treated, heretofore, as sense-perception as such, functions which are, despite temporary hesitations, the subject of those capabilities which reach far beyond the potential of any known living species other than mankind.” These include those additional sensory powers expressed within the ranges of cosmic radiation—for example, the ability of migratory birds, through such extended powers of sense-perception, to follow features of the electromagnetic field to far-distant destinations. The “Basement Team” is investigating such phenomena, and much more.


A Russian Dialogue with LaRouche & Friends:
The Cultural Imperative
of Russian-American Cooperation

A Nov. 7 seminar in Northern Virgina, including Lyndon LaRouche; Russian historian and journalist Alexander Nagorny; Prof. Clifford Kirakofe; EIR editors, and leaders of the LaRouche Youth Movement, the Basement Team, and LPAC-TV. The wide-ranging discussion provides a starting point for LaRouche’s proposed Four Power Alliance, on the model of the Peace of Westphalia, as the solution to the present global crisis, now past the point of reform, as the international monetary system implodes. Among the specific projects discussed to bring about a worldwide economic recovery from the 40-year destruction wrought by the British imperial Inter-Alpha system were: NAWAPA; the Bering Strait Rail-Tunnel; the Transaqua project in Africa; and colonization of the Moon and Mars.

World News

Sovereignty Trumps the Euro;
Irish and Germans Must Act

Nancy Spannaus examines the upsurge of resistance, centered on Ireland, to the fascist policies pushed by the EU and the IMF, on behalf of the Rothschild/Inter-Alpha Group. While reading the “trend-lines” in the financial press might convince you that Ireland will cave in, that is far from certain; Germany and France are also moving closer to dumping the euro.

Saudi Arabia’s Terror:
What Hillary Clinton Knows

Recent revelations by Wikileaks and the London Guardian confirm what EIR has long reported, and what Secretary of State Clinton knows: that the Saudis are deeply involved in international terrorism, including the 9/11 attacks in Washington and New York City.

Breakthrough in Switzerland:
New Gotthard Rail Tunnel Completed

The drilling of the longest rail tunnel in the world was completed Oct. 15, in Switzerland, allowing for completion of a new 57-km tunnel for high-speed rail, scheduled to open in 2017.

Abuse of Court Cited:
Federal Judge Tosses Out Kronberg Case

On Dec. 7, Federal District Judge Anthony Trenga dismissed Marielle Kronberg’s lawsuit against Lyndon LaRouche, LaRouchePAC, and others, citing the “bad faith” of Kronberg and/or her attorney and their abuse of the Federal legal system.


A New Reality Emerging