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Volume 37, Number 38, October 1, 2010

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LaRouche Webcast:
`The New Economy'

Lyndon LaRouche's webcast presentation Sept. 24 laid out an entirely new way of looking a economics: from the standpoint of human civilization continually creating new "platforms of cultures," from relatively lower levels, to successively higher levels. This provoked a scintillating discussion following the keynote, among both U.S. economists and academics, and those participainging from abroad over the Internet. But the key, LaRouche stressed, was the urgent, immediate restoration of Glass-Steagall, which he promised, would force Obama out of office.


Rothschild's Inter-Alpha
Pushes Imperial Genocide

The Inter-Alpha Group of banks, under the direction of Lord Jacob Rothschild, has set its sights on the nation of Germany, which is under assault by an army of Green fascists, who take orders, wittingly or otherwise, from the imperial oligarchy.


Common Aims of Mankind:
The Four Powers in a Post-Obama World

A report from the Summer Shields for Congress conference in San Francisco Sept. 19, which focused on the challenging prospect of bringing into being LaRouche's updated concept of NAWAPA, to jump-start a global economic recovery, linked to the creation of a Four-Power Alliance among the United States, Russia, China, and India.

The NAWAPA Project:
The Next `Giant Leap for Mankind'

Lyndon LaRouche's keynote speech to the San Francisco conference. If we do not replace this present Administration, and soon, there is no United States, LaRouche warned. The first step is to bring back the Glass-Steagall banking principle, then, NAWAPA.

A Common Mission for All Mankind

Helga Zepp-LaRouche sent greetings to the conference from Germany, and contrasted the optimistic outlook it represented for humanity's future, to the collapse of the Eurozone.

Pacific Nations Block British War Plans:
Can LaRouche's Four-Power Plan
Prevent a New Korean War?

Intense diplomatic measures over the past two weeks are aimed at preventing a new war on the Korean Peninsula.


FDR Dedicates Boulder Dam:
`For the General Welfare'

In the depths of the Great Depression, on Sept. 30, 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt celebrated the opening of the Boulder Dam on the Colorado River, at the time, the largest dam in the world. "This is an engineering victory of the first order—another great achievement of American resourcefulness, American skill and determination," FDR declared in his dedication speech, which is reprinted here in full.


Time To Oust the Dope!