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Volume 37, Number 34, September 3, 2010

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The LaRouche Show:
On the Edge of a New Era;
LaRouche's Big Idea—NAWAPA

Merv Fansler and Michael Kirsch joined LaRouche Show host Harley Schlanger Aug. 21, for a discussion of the work of the Basement Team on Lyndon LaRouche's proposal to transform the Biosphere, and with it, create an economic renaissance throughout the planet, with NAWAPA. Under discussion: the revolution in the self-identity of man, that has emerged with the breakthrough in the Basement, with the posting of a 3-D, interactive, animated map of NAWAPA.

LaRouche's concept of NAWAPA is not simply an infrastructure program, or a jobs plan, although it is both, but the means by which mankind self-consciously asserts its authority over the Biosphere, while at the same time, moving into the Solar System, and beyond.


Bush-Obama `Decade of Hell'
Brings Mass Unemployment

The drastic real shrinkage of the American workforce in the past decade, obscured by all of the various "unemployment rates" popularly discussed, is the clearest sign that the U.S. economy has gone into terminal collapse, and has to be rebuilt anew, starting immediately, junking 40 years of Britishinspired deindustrialization and globalization policies.

The Countdown Is On:
Global Development or Social Explosion?

By Helga Zepp-LaRouche. Two parallel processes define the choice before humanity today: One, the organizing for NAWAPA has sparked the imagination of many Americans. On the other side, the leaders of the financial institutions are like circus performers who have stretched their tightrope over the crater of Mount Vesuvius at Pompeii—a few minutes before the volcano's eruption.

Desertec: A Malthusian Mirage in the Sahara

Those Deadly, Green Nazi Solar Panels

World News

Challenged by Rachel Brown,
`Bailout Barney' Runs Scared

Will Massachusetts voters elect LaRouche Democrat Rachel Brown in the 4th C.D. Democratic primary, as Texas voters did last March in electing LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers? That's impossible to say, but what we do know, is that her opponent, Bailout Barney Frank, is on the ropes, and that Brown's campaign is inspiring the electorate with LaRouche's plan to rescue the planet.

Flood-Ravaged Nation:
Pakistan Needs Vast Water-Management Plan

The true nature of the catastrophe, is probably much harsher than has been reported, in what has been the worst flooding that Pakistan has ever experienced. But, with a large-scale water-management system, Pakistan's Biosphere can be transformed.

Russian AcademicianAlexander Granberg

Academician Granberg was a leading member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and an enthusiatic advocate of the Bering Strait Tunnel project.

`A Long Wave Across the Bering Strait'

Sci-Tech Updates


Evolution and Organismic Communication

By Jason Ross. According to the neo-Darwinists, the tree of evolution splits and develops in a single manner. But, as Ross, a member of the LaRouche Basement Team, demonstrates, Darwin's mechanistic idea is completely absurd. Instead, we must look to the strong correlation between cosmic radiation incident upon the Earth and cycles of biodiversity.


Andy Young Speaks the Truth