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Volume 37, Number 24, June 18, 2010

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LaRouche: The Mass Strike
Can Defeat the British Empire

Lyndon LaRouche was the keynote speaker at an EIR seminar in Frankfurt, Germany on June 10, on "The Task at Hand: A Glass-Steagall System and Return to Sovereign Economic Policy." What would a U.S. return to a Glass-Steagall standard mean for Europe? LaRouche explained: "Every bank, in every European country, has to go through the same cleaning at the laundry.... We must save institutions, including banking institutions, which are valid, make sure they don't fold up, too.

"Okay, now what you do, is you cancel all the illegal, or stinking, or false kinds of financial claims. Instead of bailing out fraudulent financial claims, the national governments, sovereign governments, must now issue credit into the banking system, the purified banking system. You don't want any more of the burden on, say, European banks, European nations, of this false kind of debt. But most banks today in Europe are bankrupt. How can you save it? You have to support them: How? With Federal credit. State credit."


The Nuclear Option Against
British Sabotage in Our Gulf

It appears increasingly likely that recourse to use of a peaceful nuclear explosive (PNE), may become the only available option to seal the damaged BP well in the Gulf of Mexico. But just as important is that the underlying cause of the Gulf oil crisis has been our failure to go nuclear.

Arm of the British Empire:
British Petroleum's Assault on America

BP is not really a corporation, but an instrument of the British Empire's war against nation-states. This system, marketed as "globalization," is actually a return to the methods of the British East India Company.


Russia Calls for International Coalition
Against Afghan Drugs

Russian officials, including President Dmitri Medvedev, called for the speedy formation of an international coalition to stop narcotics production and trafficking, at the International Forum on Drug Production in Afghanistan: A Challenge to the International Community, held June 9-10 in Moscow.

Is `Air-Sea Battle' Aimed at
LaRouche's Four-Power Plan
for Global Recovery?

The premise of the U.S. military's concept of "Air-Sea Battle" is that China's ambitions have to be checked by American deterrent capabilities.

Ring Around China:
British Attack Multiple Targets in Asia

The Korean peninsula, Myanmar, and Thailand are currently the target of British-run destabilizations.

A Strategic Flank vs. the British Empire

The five-day Bicentennial celebration of Argentina's May 25,`10 declaration of independence reflected a changed dynamic, a determination to survive and thrive.

Malaysia's Young `Nuclear Ambassadors'

Mohd Daniel Davis reports from Malaysia on the 2nd Nuclear Power and Engineering Summer School, where young working professionals were tasked to make sure that their country has nuclear power by 2021.

`Zavtra' Interviews LaRouche:
`The Rapacious Paws of the System'

An interview in the prominent Russian weekly.


Looming June Crash
Demands Glass-Steagall Now!

Unless the United States returns to the Glass-Steagall standards of regulated commercial banking, forcing a bankruptcy reorganization of the present, hopelessly bankrupt post-Bretton Woods system, the U.S.A. will plunge into an existential collapse, and bring down the rest of the world with it.

LaRouche Dem Clobbers
Bailout Barney Frank Culture

Robert and Clara Schumann,
and Their Teacher, J.S. Bach

To celebrate the 200th birthday of the great German composer Robert Schumann, Michelle Rasmussen looks at the joyful development of Schumann's musical ideas, his years of love and music with his wife and fellow musician, Clara, and both of their dedication to mastering the breakthroughs of Johann Sebastian Bach.

The Revolution of
Bach's `Well-Tempered Clavier'

Schumann's `Textbook for the
Composing of Fugues'


The Only `Alternate' Energy—Nuclear