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Volume 37, Number 11, March 19, 2010

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The Escape from Hilbert's `Zeta' `X':
Mapping the Cosmos!

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. attacks the problem of positivism from the clinical vantage-point of Bernhard Riemann. "The influence of the program of Hilbert and other modern positivists," he writes, "has tended to encourage results which have often impaired, and even reversed mankind's attempts at scientific progress. For precisely that reason, the time has now come for us, thus, to expose and to eliminate the pathological influence of positivist thinking from the economic and related policymaking of nations.

"On that account: the specific problem addressed here, is of the nature of a specific kind of barrier to progress in the domain of what is fairly identified here as `Cosmic Radiation.' "

Kepler on Aristotle

Sarpi: Disconnecting the Mind
from the Universe

Kesha Rogers' Victory
Signals the Rebirth
Of a Mars Colonization Policy!

Sky Shields investigates the challenges posed by cosmic radiation to our understanding of the universe, and our ability to becoming a truly spacefaring species.


LaRouche: Remove Obama,
and Free Russia From the Brits

Radical changes are imminent, forecast Lyndon LaRouche in his March 13 Washington webcast, entitled "The Ides of March 2010." Our first report.

Russia Views with Alarm
The Taliban Return to Power in Afghanistan

Argentina: London Frantic
Over Clinton Intervention

LaRouche on Argentine Radio:
A U.S.-Argentina Pact Against the British

Miguel De Renzis of Radio Splendid of Buenos Aires broadcast this interview with LaRouche on March 12.

International Intelligence


The Greedy, Genocidal Mafia
Behind the Green Jobs Fraud

The green mafia, having poured massive funding into putting Barack Obama in the White House, is now reaping billions out of the scientifically fraudulent green agenda, which that mafia has convinced the Administration to put into law.

North Korea:
Rogue State, or Hub for Asian Development?


Obama's March of Folly