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Volume 37, Number 4, January 29, 2010

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Will Nero Now Murder Seneca?
The Charade Is Ending

By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. Since the recent Massachusetts Senatorial election, President Barack Narcissus Obama is about to take himself down. This should be taken very seriously, because the destiny of republic, and the present civilization as a whole, depends upon some very early second thoughts about the policies which many had implicitly adopted up to this point.

Nerobama Defies the Mass Strike

Scott Brown's election in Massachusetts was not a victory for the Republican Party per se, because voters have repudiated both political parties, for presiding over the disintegration of life as they knew it. President Obama and his flunkies remain delusional about the significance of the victory.

World News

Time To Stop Lying and Get It Right!

The Obama Administration is making its third attempt to win back the people, by talking tough against the bankers. But it is keeping the financial system on Federal life support. As a result, Obama's third foray into anti-bank posturing, like the previous two, will do nothing to replace the dead system.

Why Larry Summers Must Go Now!

If the growing movement of American patriots is to clean out the London/Wall Street swamp of the Obama Administration, not only must Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner go immediately; but Larry Summers, Obama's chief economic liar and cheat, must get the boot, as fast, or faster.

Behaviorism and Summers' Bad Behavior

IPCC Caught Lying, Again:
Himalayan Glaciers Are Not Melting

The pseudo-scientists at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) were forced to eat their words, and admit that the Himalayan glaciers, which they had claimed would melt by 2035, were, in fact, not melting at all.

Dutch Commission Spells Trouble for Tony Blair

The finding of the independent Dutch commission that the war against Iraq violated international law, spells trouble for Tony Blair.

Globalization Endangers
Food Relief, Production

Dairy Farms: `A War' for the Food Supply

An interview with Pascal Cousté.

Economics in Brief National Economy

National Economy

China Builds Sun Yat-Sen's
Great National Rail Project

China's response to the global economic crisis is to move, fullspeed ahead, with construction of the most extensive rail system on Earth, expanding economic development into its vast interior, and realizing the great project of its Founding Father Sun Yat-Sen.


Pascal Cousté

French dairy farmer Cousté is a leader of the protests against the policies of the European Commission and the globalist food processors. He is from France's leading dairy region, Brittany.


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