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Volume 36, Number 36, September 18, 2009

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Economics as History:
The Science of
Physical Economy

By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Introduction: In the Image of the Creator

So far, Today
Shelley on History
Obama's Threat to Civilization
The Challenge of Physical Economy
The Road Up: Glass Steagall's Revenge
The New World Credit-System
The Work of the Creator
The `Green Death' Is Here

I. Economy as Human Anti-Entropy

The First Principle of Physical Economy
What Is Human Creativity?

II. Personality `B' Again

Perception vs. Conception
For Example: Space-Time
`The Hounds at Our Heels'

III. The Subjective Side of Science

Cusa, Columbus & `The Mayflower
The Fundamental Principle
Principle & Phenomenon
`Type B,' Restated
Modern European History
The Root of The Leibniz Infinitesimal
The Case of `Type B'
`Type B' & The Infinitesimal
Back to Shelley, Again

IV. The `Type B' Personality

Our Progress to Mars
The `Type B' Identity
When the Economists Failed To Create
The Foundations of Creativity
Entropy: For Example
Entropy & a Hilbert Paradox in Economy
Hilbert, in Conclusion

V. My Science of Physical Economy

My Warning Against Some `Middle Men'
The Present World Crisis
Henry C. Carey, Lincoln, and Bismarck
The Role of Britain in This
The Example of Bismarck in This
The Role of Drama in Scientific Creativity
Science, Dynamics & Drama
The Spatial Outlines of Physical Economy
An Economy with Relativistic Effects
Real History, from the Top, Down
On the Method of the `Triple Curve'
Science: The Most Crucial Issue of Them All
A Global Challenge
European Monetary Systems
British Imperialism's Wars
The Anti-U.S.A., European Concept of Empire
Eradicating Monetarism
Two Crucial Issues of Reform
The Economic Meaning of Physical Time
A Lesson from the Used-Car Market
The Physics of Time

Epilogue: Looking Back from Mars