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Volume 36, Number 28, July 24, 2009

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It Is Time To Declare War

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. writes: "The specific charge of high crimes and misdemeanors against this U.S. President, at this time, is his current, publicly stated intent to arrange the premediated deaths among our citizens, a method of massmurder of the nation's own nationals, and others, copied exactly from the Adolf Hitler regime's `Tiergarten Vier (T-4)' mechanisms." Impeachment could be avoided, on condition that Obama is reined in by competent advisors, and that the behavioral economists and other lunatics in his entourage are dumped.

Lyndon LaRouche Repudiates Obama's
Fascist Sophistries on Health Care

Proposed Act:
`The Right to High-Quality Health Care'


LaRouche to Mexico's Pro-PLHINO Committee:
`Victory Is a Matter of Grand Strategy'

Lyndon LaRouche held a telephone conference with the Pro-PLHINO Committee of the 21st Century in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico, on July 14. The PLHINO (Northwest Hydraulic Plan) would bring prosperity to the entire region, but has been sabotaged for decades. LaRouche told the committee that they cannot win this battle on their own; the enemy is the British empire, and it must be defeated globally.

The British Monarchy's `Green'
Opium War Against the Americas

Soros Strikes Again:
Daycare Fire Covers Sonora Election Fraud

A statement by the LaRouche Youth Movement in Mexico.


What Profits? The Nation Is Dying!

Four of the biggest banks in the United States declared huge profits for the second quarter, prompting cheers about how the financial system has returned to normalcy. Virtually none of what these cheerleaders are saying is true, because virtually nothing they believe is true.

Eurasian Land-Bridge:
Bangladesh Revives Silk Road Concept


President Obama Flaunts His Nero Complex

In apparent imitation of the Emperor Nero, Obama and his close advisors are conducting a reign of terror against any elected Democrat who opposes them. Inside the Beltway, as well as outside, people are recognizing that LaRouche was right to denounce the President's "Nero" complex, in his April 11 webcast.

LaRouche's April 11 Webcast:
President Obama's `Narcissus Syndrome'

Book Reviews

`Dead Aid' Proposes More Death for Africa:
Why Not Kill Globalization Instead?

Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa, by Dambisa Moyo.


The British Empire Is the Disease