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Volume 36, Number 18, May 8, 2009

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LaRouche's April 28 Webcast:
The Other Shoe Will Now Drop

In his webcast from Washington, with a satellite hookup to New York City, Lyndon LaRouche exposed the clinical insanity among various political circles, whose policies will rapidly lead to hyperinflation on the scale of 1923 Weimar Germany. In that case, LaRouche stated, "hyperinflation had blown out the very existence of a German economy." If the U.S. policy is not changed, from everything it has done since President Obama's trip to London, LaRouche said, the entire world economy will go, creating conditions for the population of the planet to fall from 6.7 billion people, to less than 2 billion. LaRouche's solution: Since the world depends on the credit potential of the dollar, the only way to prevent this collapse, is to retain the potential of the dollar for supporting physical production, and not supporting worthless financial paper, as is now being done.


A Curious Note:
A Good Heart, But Bad History

Lyndon LaRouche comments on a Moscow Times piece of April 24, "Anti-Nazi Bill Targets Ukraine, Baltic States." Author Natalya Krainova says the bill "would make the rehabilitation of Nazism a crime which could result in Moscow cutting diplomatic ties with other former Soviet republics." LaRouche cautions that the article misses the essential fact, and that one should first ask, "How and why did the British monarchy, first, create both Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler as British-sponsored dictators, and, later, turn against Hitler, but only when the Wehrmacht was overrunning France?" xxEconomics

The Genocide Policy Behind the
Influenza Pandemic

The new influenza virus advancing across the planet is bringing home to people, in a terrifying way, the reality that the human race and globalization cannot continue to co-exist. Either globalization is buried, or undertakers will be needed to bury upwards of 5 billion people. And that would not be good for "the environment." The World Health Organization has declared a Level Five alert, signalling that "a pandemic is imminent." Yet budget cuts and drug legalization threaten to spread the Type A(H1N1) virus even faster.

Crash Anti-Pandemic Program:
Rebuild Nations, Public Health, Food Production

LaRouche Was Right:
Austerity Policies Will Cause Pandemics

Cap and Trade Is Genocide

The `Behavioral Economists':
Circle of Evil Around President Obama

Why Larry Summers Should Be
Immediately Unemployed


Britain and France Lead the Attack
Against Sudan

President Obama's Special Envoy to Sudan, Maj. Gen. Scott Gration (ret.), and Sen. John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, have signaled a change in U.S. policy toward Sudan, away from confrontation, and toward bilateral diplomatic engagement. Yet, it seems that UN Ambassador Susan Rice didn't get the memo.

We Fight for a Better Life
for Our Entire Population (PDF)

Sudan's Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Mutrif Siddiq, gave this briefing at the Sudan Foreign Ministry on April 6, to foreign delegates, including several EIR correspondents.

The Western Media Are Lying About Darfur (PDF)

An interview with Osman Yosuf Kibr, the governor of North Darfur State.


Osman Yosuf Kibr (PDF)

The Wali (governor) of North Darfur State in Sudan, gave this interview to LaRouche Youth Movement leader Summer Shields on April 7. Wali Kibr presents a picture of Darfur which is at odds with the distorted image found in the Western media.


Pakistan on the Brink