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Volume 36, Number 16, April 24, 2009

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LaRouche Delegation in Sudan:
Target the British Empire!

A four-person delegation from the LaRouche movement attended the World Conference for International Justice, Uniting Against the Politicization of Justice, in Khartoum on April 5-7.

Kick the British Out of Africa!

Lawrence Freeman's speech to the conference.

Sudan's `TVA': A Development Model for All of Africa

Sudan is forging ahead with infrastructure development, the best answer to the British-run attacks against the nation.

Military Intervention Would Destroy Sudan

An interview with Abdel Budri.

Report from Darfur:
Sudan Counters Effect of
Foreign-Backed Rebellion

Creativity & Economics

Comment on James Galbraith Paper:
Good Progress, But More Is Needed

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. takes off from a January 2009 paper by Prof. James K. Galbraith, "A Biophysical Approach to Production Theory." Galbraith's argument represents an important breakthrough, LaRouche writes, but it does not yet touch the more challenging domain: "What is actually human creativity?" While consistent with the currently accepted practice of Professor Galbraith's profession, there is no possibility of understanding economic processes without keeping human creativity as the central focus of deliberation. "Therefore, as I shall emphasize here," LaRouche writes, "the question addressed by economists ought to be: What is the experimentally validated meaning which should be assigned, by science, to the practical use of that universal term, `creativity'?"

World News

LaRouche: The President Was Shocked:
An Opportunity To Bring This Planet Out of the Crisis

Lyndon LaRouche's opening remarks to a meeting of notables in Washington, D.C. on April 15, 2009.

Will London's Royal Dope, Inc.
Take Over Thailand?

British Target Obama in Drug-Legalization Bash

Arming Israel:
U.S. Weapons Enforce British Mandate

Soros's `Twitter Revolution':
Twitter/Facebook: A Strategic Threat

International Intelligence


Ignore the Fascist `Happy Talk';
Fight for LaRouche's Solutions!

The spin from the Obama Administration about "green shoots of recovery" bears all the hallmarks of the cult of "behavioral economists," which has taken over aspects of the Administration's economic policy.

What Is Their Secret?
Degenerates Surround a Nero-Like President

More evidence that the "behavioral economists" are carriers of the virus of British fascism.

Chicago Boys Behind the White House Coup

Public Health Emergency:
Dire Shortage of U.S. Hospital Beds

OMB's Orszag:
`Reform' Behavior To Cut Costs

`People Will Die':
Reality of Crash Is Hitting in California

Science & Technology

Infectious Disease Warning:
Pandemic of Syphilis-Like Spirochete in U.S.A.

Lawrence Hecht discusses Lyme disease, an increasingly widespread illness that some within the Infectious Diseases Society of America tried to declare non-existent—and which many insurance companies refuse to cover. Yet, promising scientific leads point to a possible link to MS, Alzheimer's disease, and other conditions.


Abdel Budri

A Sudanese attorney who was jailed after Hassan al-Turabi seized power in 1989, Mr. Budri later managed to flee, and spent the next` years in exile. He returned to his native country in 2006, and is participating in the political process.

Book Reviews

Robotics as Post-Humanism

Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century, by P.W. Singer.


There Is No Alternative!